2019 Food & Wine Hopes and Dreams

2019 Food & Wine Hopes and Dreams

I've never been one to make a set of resolutions to kick off the New Year or a person that sets personal goals.  This post is going to feel a bit “resolution-y” and goal-focused but let's just call it “hopes and dreams”, okay?  Doesn't that sound like a more enjoyable way to go about incorporating something into your life?  Welp…it does to me, and I'm sticking to that (or I will at least try!)

Food and wine are two of my favorite hobbies (sleep is a close third in case you were wondering.)  And in 2019, I would like to develop myself a bit more as a foodie and an oenophile.  Below are a few ways that I will be doing so.

Side Note – If you have additional suggestions or advice, please sound off in the comments below or email me at laurie@workplayandchardonnay.com.  Thanks in advance!!!

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Making Use of my Cookbook “Library”

Look…I LOVE me some Barefoot Contessa.  I will continue to read and utilize her cookbooks throughout the year (Winter Minestrone for your birthday will happen, Mom!)  BUTTTT…look at the sampling of cookbooks I have below.  I want to see how many recipes and cookbooks I can make hay (or pasta or soup) with throughout the year.

My hope is to make a minimum of 24 new recipes.  My dream is to review 12 cookbooks.
When and why in the heck did I buy “The Art of Slush”?

Develop My Taste for Wine

Here's the deal…  There are three methods I employ when I purchase bottles of wine for my home.  They are either selected for me as part of my monthly Tim's Wine Market membership, I find the label cute or intriguing, or they are a repeat buy.  There's nothing that is wrong with any of this per se, but I think I can refine my palate with some trial and error.  What could go wrong with more (responsible) wine tasting?

My hope is to attend a minimum of three blind wine tastings (you hear me, Uber?)  My dream is to be able to tell a Cabernet from a Pinot Noir on taste alone.
Somm 3 Screening
By the end of the year, I think I will be able to determine more than just “This is a red or this is a white” when I taste wine.

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

As much as I enjoy a good cookbook, there is just something about a hands-on cooking class or sitting back to watch a professional chef work their magic.  I always take away a new nugget of information or see a gadget that MUST come home with me (like the garlic press linked here that I saw a Stonewall Kitchen chef use).  The best part of these classes?  The eating, of course!

My hope is to take six classes.  My dream is to start planning a cooking class tour in Tuscany!
Cooking School Class
Do you spy with your little eye a wine glass?  Yeah…me, too!

Dining by the Dozen

The process of cooking and its results are fabulous.  The downside to it is ALL of the clean-up that is required.  Just ask Jared.  He's almost always doing the dishes as I am typically the cook (and an ambitious one at that) in our household.

There are times when I don't want to cook and, quite frankly, he doesn't want to clean.  So we do have a tendency to go out to dinner about once a week.  We have our favorites that are frequented quite often – Wine Bar George!  But we do like to try a new place whenever possible.  I'm looking at youJaleo.

My hope is to try a dozen new places in the Orlando area.  My dream is to sit at a Chef's Table.
“Don't fry this at home, kids!!”

I'm a Cheesy Girl

Do you remember when I took a cheese making class at Leu Gardens last year?  If not, check out the post Curd Your Enthusiasm to learn more.  This is the year that I am going to milk that class for all it was worth and make my own cheese.  <—that pun was for you, Momica!

My hope is to make ricotta.  My dream is to pull mozzarella in my own kitchen.
Cheese Board
If I did a 23 and Me, my results would come back “10% cheese.”

Taking a Crack at Crack Pie™

I'm a mover, a shaker, and a home baker.  I've made cookies, brownies, and whoopie pies.  But Crack Pie by Chef Christina Tosi of Milk Bar is a whole other pastry ball game.  I've wanted to try it for years but have been a culinary chicken.  It's allegedly addictive (thus the name!) and time-consuming.

From what I can gather, the recipe is going to take me a minimum of two days.  It seems a little finicky, a bit complicated.  I'm going to need really comfortable shoes, more cushioned floor pads in my kitchen, and a steely resolve.  Wish me luck!

My hope is to make Crack Pie.  My dream is to do so without dissolving into a puddle of tears.
Milk Cookbook
This is one of the most challenging cookbooks I own.

I'm setting myself a reminder to read through this on December 31st to see how I fared with my 2019 Food & Wine Hopes and Dreams.  What are yours for this year?  Let me know in the comments!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.