Ohm My Orlando

Ohm My Orlando

Ohm my.  Guess what?  I am going to reference my rut again, but it's relevant.  I swear!  Because the experience that I am about to share with you in this nifty little story was referenced in that particular post.

And, no, next week's post won't reference my rut because let's be honest…that rut is soooo OVER.

Back to the story…

Not too long ago I was researching new things to do in the Orlando area.  A tumble down the internet rabbit hole led me to an event at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes called “Meditation in Movement”.  Even though I don't appear (or act) particularly zen, I have always loved meditation.  Andrew Johnson's meditation app has lulled me into sleep for years, so the addition of movement with meditation piqued my interest.

The Ritz Carlton is quite fab, so I asked my best friend, Nicole, if she would like to join me for the activity followed by breakfast on-site at the resort.  She was down, so I commenced with the planning of our “girl date.”

That's Nicole on the left.  We look like we could use a little “zen time” in this photo.

I called the Ritz to make a reservation (I'm a planner!) and was told we just needed to show up at the Fitness Center to register.  How easy, right?

Fast forward, and it's time for us to spend a little “bestie time” at the Ritz.  We bounced our way to the Fitness Center to get our meditation on.  We were met by an amiable staff member that informed us that typically events like “Meditation in Movement” were only available to resort guests.  She asked us to wait so she could see if management would allow us to take the class.  Thankfully they allowed us to participate and soon after that we met our Zen Master, Henry, who guided us down to the lake.

Hotel exterior
The walk to the lake was quite enjoyable.

There were three of us that took the class, so we had plenty of room to spread out when we got to the lake.  We were told we didn't need our yoga mats and that being barefoot during the session is best.  So off went the shoes and on went that new age-y, chime-y music that I love so darn much.

Meditation Station
The scene of our “Meditation in Movement”.  By the way…I have a “thing” for pergolas.

Have you ever watched a movie that has a large group of people doing Tai Chi in a park?  That's what we looked like during our session, but instead of 30 people slowly moving together, there were three of us. We pushed and pulled our energy to the rhythm of the music.  And at one point we were told to push energy from our armpits (I may not have done that part.  Don't tell Henry).

The nearly hour-long session went by so much faster than I expected.  After Henry bid us “adieu” Nicole and I sat on the grass for a bit before making our next move – to get coffee and breakfast (yes…in that order).

Our final stop was First Drop – a little cafe featuring artisanal coffees, housemade gelato and breakfast sandwiches that were saying, “Hey, girl, heyyyyy!”  As I looked at the case filled with pastries and sandwich options, my internal “angel chorus” sounded as I saw a lovely looking Everything bagel with smoked salmon.  Yes.  That.  Please.

First Drip
A shot of First Drop…and bananas and oranges.

With our drinks and breakfasts in hand, we made our way to the outdoor seating area to relax, eat and catch up on our lives.  We talked and laughed.  And at some point during our chat, I thought it would be a good idea to order a wine fridge for my Lady Parlor.  So I did (more on that another time).

First Drip Breakfast
Look at all the Omega-3 goodness!  Also, I am happy to report that nary a poppy seed lodged itself between my teeth.

Despite the little hiccup when it came to registering for the class, overall we had a wonderful time at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes.  The grounds are so, so pretty and every staff member we encountered was friendly and professional.  I've been to the resort a few times to go out to dinner, and they never disappoint.

Oh, Mr. Hammock, I'm coming back for you. And I'm going to bring a First Drop banana with me.  You've been warned.

Ohm my Orlando.  I love you.  I really do.

Meditation is one of the ways that I try to de-stress.  What do you do to take the edge off?  And have you been on any fun (or zen) adventures lately?  Please share in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S.  This is not a paid post.  The issue with the event being available to resort guests only was a bit of bummer.  Next time, if I see an activity of interest, I will call and ask if it is open to non-resort guests.  Lesson learned.