Work Play and Chardonnay: May Round-up

Work Play and Chardonnay:  May Round-up

I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from friends, family, and “internet friends” for all of the support and caring words regarding my 14-year-old dog that is in the final stages of her beautiful life.  To say the past few days have been exceedingly emotional for me would be the understatement of my year.  Thank you all so very much.

This post has been in the process of being written over the course of May.  It feels a little strange posting this considering what is going on personally, but I kind of feel the need to do so.  I'm finishing this up as my little nugget is laying comfortably on the floor snoring like an old man (her snores are astonishing as she only 12 pounds!)

It's been a month filled with the good, the bad and the ugly cry.  Here's the May Round-up for Work Play and Chardonnay.

May 1st – Celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the closing of our home.

May 2nd – Celebrated the 1-year anniversary of moving into the house.  Commemorated the day by putting away clutter (I try to do that every day, but sometimes I am just L-A-Z-Y).

May 3rd – The wine fridge for my Lady Parlor arrives.  I went hog wild at the liquor store to fill ‘er up with wine, beer, and seltzer.

May 4th – <insert inane Stars Wars joke here>

May 5th – Ignored Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby.  Spend time (and money) with my best friend instead.

May 6th – Drank coffee, messed around on the internet, did laundry.  Very low-key yet productive day.


May 7th – 11th – Days were so routine that I will spare you.  Coffee, shower, work, puppy snuggle time, blog work, eat, sleep, repeat.

May 12th – Talked about my love for friends, family, pets, places and Chicken McNuggets. Referred to my McNugget obsession as #NugLife.

May 13th – A friend points out what #NugLife and tells me to look up the hashtag on Instagram (You can check that out on your own.  It's really not that bad.)

May 14th – 18th – Second verse same as the first listed for May 7th – 11th.

May 19th – See Deadpool 2 at the movies which makes me laugh and laugh.  Ryan Reynolds is a “Hall Pass” whether Jared likes it or not.

May 20th – Check out The Edison at Disney Springs with Jared.  Order and enjoy their “Candied Bacon Clothesline” along with a majority of the other restaurant patrons. Sometimes it is worth “following the herd”.


May 21st – May 27th – Spent a week in Southwestern Michigan for work.  I like a couple of restaurants so much that I go to one 5 times and the other 3 times over the week.  I wonder if they thought I was a stalker?

May 28th – Watch the premiere of The Bachelorette and hope that Becca finds her new man that is there for the “right reasons” so she can “do the damn thing.”

May 29th – Spend a majority of the day taking naps.  I was like a human Garfield minus the orange fur.

May 30th – Momica arrives to visit us.  She and Nicole meet for the first time.  I think that their meeting went swimmingly.

May 31st – Start dealing with the inevitable loss of my nearly 14-year companion.  Through tears, I write her a tribute post that I don't know when I will be able to read again.

Jolie 2

I wrote way more in May than I expected.  Here is the Work Play and Chardonnay May Blog Post Round-up

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How was your month?  Did it go by in a blur like mine?  Are you over the “It's Gonna Be May” Justin Timberlake meme or “May the 4th be with you?”  Let me know in the comments below.

May is filled with puns.  I dig it.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.