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I love the world's lowest common denominator of television…

Reality TV.

I don't consider it a guilty pleasure.  I have zero guilt about my love for trashy TV.  I get a kick out of saying “I watch the world's worst television” when asked about the shows I like to watch.  I sing their theme songs while cleaning around the house or while driving around in my car (ahem…Bad Girls Club and VanderPump Rules).  I follow some of my favorite reality TV “characters” on Instagram and Twitter.  I occasionally live tweet shows.  Once, I even went to a taping of the Real World's The Challenge in its early years.

In case you were wondering…

I.  Really.  Really.  Love.  Reality.  Television.  

This is not to say that I solely watch The Bachelor, the Real Housewives or .  I am an avid Netflix binger of Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, and Fuller House.  But when my mind needs to take a break, I reach for my remote and peruse my DVR for some good ol' reality nonsense.  And I like to pair my shows with a drink.  Here are some of my favorite pairings…

Anything in The Bachelor Franchise

I watch all of The Bachelor and its spinoff shows.  The Full House theme song line “Whatever happened to predictability?” has found its home in The Bachelor.  Over the years, the show has become incredibly formulaic which is why it is one of my favorites to “watch/not watch.”  If I am not fully engaged, I am not really missing anything.  Someone is going to get drunk.  Someone is going to cry.  Someone is not there to make friends.  It's the same.  It's familiar.  It's Chris Harrison with “Ladies.  Bachelor Boy Name.  Here is the last rose of the evening.” when clearly there is a single rose on the small table.  The Bachelor is the ultimate brain candy.

Drink of Choice: Rosé wine.  Because it's delicious and…roses are handed out on the show.  Synergy!

Southern Charm

I started watching Southern Charm when it first came out years ago and was instantly “charmed.”  The jazzy/peppy theme music…

I am going to pause for a moment to make jazz hands and sing “He's got money.  He's in magazines”.

Okay.  I'm back!

…the gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina b-roll setting the scene.  The pomp and circumstance of Southern “society” blended occasionally with bad manners.  I'm so happy Season 5 premiered this week.  This is a show that keeps me fully engaged and laughing.  It's often times ridiculous, and the show knows it.  Bless their hearts.

Drink of Choice:  Pimm's Cup. It's got a little spice, a little sweet and a little sass to it.  It's very Southern Charm-esque.

Pimm's is sweet and spicy just like some of the ladies of Southern Charm.  Hmm…the Pimm's is located on the bar cart in the Lady Parlor.  Coincidence?


At times I feel watching Survivor has been like riding a wave.  It's good.  It's not so good.  It's great.  To me,  the show had been on an upswing for the past five years or so with GREAT casting choices for the first installments of the “Blood vs. Water” and “Beauty vs. Brains vs. Brawn” seasons.  But I am now feeling a little “over” Survivor at the moment. There are just too many idols and advantages.  Does that really lead to an ultimate Survivor or more of a lucky SOB?  I'll keep watching the remainder of Ghost Island, but right now it's only Jeff Probst and Donathan that have my attention.  Hopefully, the show gets better when the “merge” and all of the “merge food” has been eaten.

Sidebar -WHY am I so obsessed with the reward challenges involving food and where the heck has the “Auction for Food” been?

Drink of Choice:  Filtered water in an athletic bottle. I don't and probably will never have a canteen with canvas wrapped around it.

MasterChef Junior

I was introduced to this little gem of a show by my future mother-in-law, Monica (a.k.a “Momica”).  Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen is the lead judge/mentor for this show and trades in his “donkeys”, expletives and histrionics with a more light-hearted and encouraging demeanor.  The MasterChef kids SHRED in the kitchen.  Their talent is off the charts with the ability to achieve things in the kitchen that I will probably never have the guts to try (Croquembouche!  Sous vide!).  The kids support one another and sabotage is NEVER a part of the game.  It's an “I have some faith in the future and humanity” show.

Drink of Choice:  Le Croix.  It's kid-friendly and the berry flavor is a more refined version of strawberry soda.  As you may or may not know, the MasterChef kids have quite the palates.

Le Croix
I raise my non-alcoholic glass to the MasterChef kids.


Bonus Show…or Network

Like most kids, my little butt was planted on the carpet in front of the television to watch Saturday morning cartoons.  And now as an adult, I do the same thing but traded the carpet for my couch and the Saturday morning cartoons for HGTV shows – Fixer Upper, House Hunters,  My Lottery Dream Home, Home Town, Property Brothers and more.  Also, in case you were wondering, my little butt has been upgraded to a more bootylicious posterior thanks to carbs, wine and lack of cardio-centric activities.

Drink of Choice:  Coffee with more than a touch of Coffeemate Italian Sweet Creme creamer.  Preferably in one my monogrammed mugs.

Coffee and HGTV.jpg
Scenes of a typical Saturday morning from my couch.  Java and House Hunters.

What are you watching and drinking these days?  Are you mourning the loss of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper?   I know I am.  Sigh.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


All grammatical errors are mostly fixed by Grammarly.  Some wording I refuse to change because I am stubborn.

All thoughts are my own and fueled by coffee, Le Croix and hard boiled eggs with a liberal dose of white truffle salt. #NotSponCon