A Healthy Day Date in Winter Park

A Healthy Day Date in Winter Park

It wasn't too long ago that I shared the story of my so-called #SlugLife.  If you missed that tale of food and wine debauchery with nary a sit-up or squat, you can check out that blog post here.

Over the past few weeks, I have reintroduced exercise into my life by streaming BeachBody classes at home, taking walks and checking out new-to-me exercise classes.  A Fit45 class at one of my favorite yoga studios thoroughly kicked my squishy tail.  I refer to it as Fit38 due to the amount of time I spent in Child's Pose. But I prevailed and made it through the class mostly unscathed.  And guess what?!  I want to retake the class.  Maybe next time it will be Fit40 for me?

This weekend Jared and I went on a “We're a Super Duper Healthy Couple” date.  Here's what we experienced…

CycleBar is an indoor cycling studio that has franchises around the country.   They offer an introductory class for free so you can get a feel for the studio/workout.  I signed Jared and me up for a session and reserved our bikes side-by-side.  I LOVED being able to select our bikes in advance.

I would run around with this flag if I didn't feel like it was a felony to do so.  Or, more likely, a misdemeanor.

Upon entering, we were ushered to iPads to sign-in for our class – a super easy process.

Check in
Signing in was easy.  And the pops of red throughout the facility definitely felt empowering and energetic.  At least…that's what I told myself.  🙂

We were shown the “Hydration Station” and lockers to store our valuables.  We also received shoes that clip into the bikes.  Spoiler alert…clipping in ain't easy.  It takes some getting used to.

Our instructor, Christine, came out to guide us into the studio.  She overviewed how to adjust the bikes to your height, what to expect during the class and the types of classes CycleBar offers.  Her enthusiasm was infectious.  I am pretty sure a movie-themed ride is in my future (C'mon…she played music from the Lion King.  How great is that???!!)

Studio Shot

We really enjoyed our CycleBar class.  It was TOUGH even though it only lasted for four songs.  The music was upbeat, and we were encouraged to dance along to the beat (safely, of course!).  One thing that really separated CycleBar from other spin classes I have taken was the addition of weights during one of the songs.  While riding, we used a weighted bar (4 or 6-pound bars are attached to the bikes) for a series of arm sculpting moves.  It was hard, but I enjoyed the addition of weights to the cycling.

Another cool functionality is that the bikes are set-up to track your stats – RPMs, watts, etc.  You can see how you are performing among others in the class (this is NOT a requirement) on a screen.  After the class is over, the stats are sent to you via email.

In case you were wondering…my stats were pretty bad.  The Tour de France doesn't have me on speed dial…

We enjoyed our CycleBar experience and are looking forward to going back.  Another cool thing they do?  They actually have a bar available after certain classes Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  I see a spinning class followed by a Mimosa in my future (along with lots and lots and lots of water).  I guess the question is, do I Mimosa or Movie Theme ride first?  Hmm…

After our class, we were on the hunt for some healthy eats.  Just a little over a mile away from CycleBar is Create Your Nature – a restaurant serving oatmeal, acai and smoothie bowls, and salads.  This place definitely offers all of the colors of the rainbow in the form of food.

Jared and signage
We didn't create nature, but we definitely ate it!

The decor of the place was industrial chic.  It almost looked as though it had been designed by Joanna Gaines' if she happened to be in a funky design mood.

Jared opted for a smoothie bowl while I went for the Kale-ifornia Dreaming salad – kale, quinoa and avocado topped with roasted chickpeas.  Mmm…healthy…goodness…

Kale salad
You know what is super cool about kale?  You can actually eat leftover kale salad.  Kale yeah!

We also got tea and some yummy looking chickpea salad to go. Part of the appeal was that the mixture came in a Mason jar.  I love me some Mason jars.

Does this make you want to Create Your Nature?  Or at least eat and drink it?

On our way out the door, I spotted a flyer.  Yoga in a garden?  Yes.  Yes, please.

I wonder if they will take $10 in rolled quarters?  I've had them since 2007.

Adding three or so workouts a week into my routine has made me feel better…and increased the amount of laundry I have to do.  Does anyone know how many calories you burn per load of laundry?  Maybe I should try flexing while folding?

Has anyone been to CycleBar or something similar?  Would you or have you Mimosa'd after a workout?  Do you love or hate kale (we are a kale-divided household)?  Are there any workouts that you recommend for this former slug?  Let me know in the comments below.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard (and eat it!)


P.S.  This isn't a sponsored post, but it was a sweaty one!