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Daycation, All I Ever Wanted

It’s Sunday Funday!!  I hope your day is filled with rest, football, or whatever makes you happy!

Speaking of happy…my best friend, Nicole, recently celebrated a birthday.  I was out of town for the actual day but wanted to plan a “daycation” for us upon my return.  I gave “how to go to a hotel pool for a day” a Goog and discovered ResortPass.

What is ResortPass?  Let me tell you…

It’s a company that provides access to pools, spas, and other amenities at luxurious hotels and resorts.  Brands available include but are certainly not limited to Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Westin in select states and cities. I live in the Orlando area, and four resorts participate in the program.  I selected the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress for our day of celebratory play!

The check-in process at the resort was seamless (ResortPass even sent me an email reminder the day before, including instructions!)

Upon arrival, our names were at the security gate.  The friendly guard then provided us with directions to the self-parking lot (valet parking is an option for an additional $15.)

Walk to the Hotel
Walking up to the hotel with those clouds was an epic sight!

To check-in, we went to the front desk to provide our ResortPass email confirmation along with photo ID in exchange for wristbands to identify that we weren’t “crashers.”

Check in
No line.  No wait.  No muss.  No fuss.

There was a hotel resident that didn’t greet us.  He was busy stuffing his beak, so we forgave him.

Hotel Resident

Once outside the lobby, we were greeted by the spectacular sight that is the pool area.  The sunny yellow umbrellas and cheery turquoise water made me grin and gave me a little extra pep in my flip-flopped step!

Hey, Pool, Hey!!!

The pool at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is ENORMOUS spanning a half-acre with twelve waterfalls, a waterslide, and a water jet spray zone for the kiddos.  Nicole and I chased the waterfalls and didn’t stick to the lakes and the rivers that we used to…because…ALLIGATORS…

Alligator Warning (1)
The only gators we saw that day were related to the University of Florida.

Even though we couldn’t swim in the lake at the Hyatt (alligators!!!), we sure as heck soaked up ALL THE RAYS comfortably on a lounge chair (slathered in SPF 50 from head-to-toe!)  The pool and lake area do have lots of seating but the earlier you arrive the better the chance to secure a spot for your squad.

Lifes a Beach

Sunning and swimming aren’t the only activities at the Hyatt!  The outdoor area includes the following (some requiring additional fees.)

Games like Cornhole or (not) Connect Four
Not Connect Four
This is not Connect Four.  I repeat.  This is not Connect Four.
Beach Cruisers to bike the property

Bikes for Rent

Things with paddles or pedals to skim along in the water


Outside food and drink are not permitted, so we went to the On the Rocks Poolside Lounge for lunch and a snack.  We experienced excellent service and appreciated that our servers made us aware that 18% gratuity is added automatically to all checks.

Ahi Tuna Bowl
We shared an Ahi Tuna Bowl.  This was our favorite dish of the day!
Wine with a View
No Chardonnay was consumed by this Work, Play, and Chardonnay blogger.
Coconut Shrimp
We “snacked” on coconut shrimp and fries.

Nicole and I ended up spending nearly seven hours at the hotel!  Taking advantage of the adult “swing set” overlooking the water was an ideal way to end our “daycation.”  We didn’t get to do “all the things” but plan on returning to experience more fun and relaxation at Grand Cypress (spoiler alert…my return trip is already scheduled!!!)

Lake view
Swinging in the approaching rain…clouds…

I’m so excited to have stumbled upon ResortPass!!!!  I’m looking forward to trying out amenities at other hotels in my area.  However, Grand Cypress, I’ll see you at the end of the month.  I’m going to share the experience with Jared.  Please save a bike for him.

Have you ever tried ResortPass or something similar?  What would you do on your “daycation?”

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S.  This is not an ad or sponsored post.  I am sharing my ResortPass and Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress experiences because they were super-duper awesome.


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