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Goodbye and Thank You, Gannon Camp

Goodbye garage – the site of my first kiss


Goodbye garden that my Mom and Dad will surely miss

Garden 2

Goodbye fireplace…you majestically beautiful hearth-y beast

Fireplace 2

Goodbye room where I laid my head and read hundreds of books at least

My Room

Goodbye porch and all of your dinners, cups of coffee, glasses of wine, and laughs

Porch Table

Goodbye water that I doggy paddled swam and hung out on the raft

Dock 1

Goodbye dock that I used to “troll for boys” according to my dad (with some success!)

Dock 3

Goodbye boathouse filled with all the water toys that I thought were rad


Goodbye road that I walked ran and drove

Morning Walk 3

Goodbye camp…you will forever be my love

Camp 3

After nearly 34 years, the Gannon Camp will be no more except in our photos, a painting, and in our minds.  I’ve been blessed to call it “home” from the ages of 10 through 44.

Thank you, Gannon Camp, for all of the memories.  I will forever miss you and visit you as my “happy/safe space” when I need you.  May the new family that moves in have just half the fabulous times that we did.  They will be fortunate to enjoy all you have to offer.

I love you,


P.S.  Yep.  I totally ripped off Goodnight Moon.  <insert teary-eyed smiley face>


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