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The First Step

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Cheers, everyone!   I’m so grateful to be back in the blogosphere AND getting geared up for some upcoming Disney and non-Disney races.  If you haven’t been here before or you need to get caught up, you can check out my latest blog post covering my decision to register for the 2020 Disney Princess Half Marathon here.

I’m only “half crazy.”  😊

Cute Wine Glass
My lovely sister gave me the perfect gift that combined my affection for wine and Disney.  She’s the BEST!!

I’m a wee bit fixated with planning, so you can only imagine all the thoughts swirling in my head as I prepare over the next seven months for a 13.1-mile race.  Online research, a calendar, an Excel spreadsheet, and the buying of ALL THE GEAR have been a priority and, quite frankly, joy over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve taken the first step in my training and added 50,000 or so more over the past week and a half.  The time and dedication needed for a half marathon are a bit daunting, but I’m still in the “I’m so excited in a Jesse Spano” kind of way.

I’m so excited!!  I’m so excited!!!  I’m so…trying to not go broke…while investing in proper gear and race accouterments.

Getting New Gear

My last pair of running shoes met their “Pound the Pavement Maker,” so it was time to get some new ones.  The right running shoe is critical for any and all runners regardless of distance or capability.  Track Shack in Orlando is my go-to for shoes.  They have a sign-up system that streamlines the waiting process and a staff that is as passionate as they are knowledgeable about the sport.

Track Shack
My guy, Bruce, was a dream to work with even if he couldn’t make himself available to tie my shoes before every run.  I legitimately suck at tying sneakers.

While at the Shack, I tried on a few pairs of shoes, including New Balance and Asics.  Everything felt pretty good, but it was the Brooks Ghost 12 that captured my undertrained heart.  I’ve tried a couple of other brands in years past. but the Brooks pair I had back in 2013 is still my all-time fave.  So I got them again in a newer, shinier model.  Getting “ghosted” in this case, is a Martha Stewart-level “good thing.”

How do you like the pallor of my ankles?  Do they distract you from my new shoes?

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

I am in the midst of the hot, steamy, “is hell adjacent to Orlando?” summer, so I’ve been drinking enough water for a person and a half on the daily.  And even that just isn’t enough.  So I’ve been adding drink mix to my water to add electrolytes and carbs to combat the EVIL, EVIL MISTRESS (or MISTER) that is Florida in July. Jared recently introduced me to Skratch. It makes water more fun and WAY more effective for training in the swamp.

I still love you, Florida, despite my kvetching about the intense heat of summer.

Hydration is super, super important.  Ya da, ya da, ya da.  You’ve never heard that one before, right?????

The Right Path

My half marathon training schedule is set and includes two 30-minute runs and one long run per week.  My shorter sets will either be around my neighborhood or on the treadmill at my local Y, but the long ones will require a path that is equal parts picturesque and safe.  Enter the West Orange Trail.  My feet have traversed the trail so many times.  I just love it, but I’m open to new-to-me paths, as well.  Hey, Orlando people…where do you run???  Let me know in the comments below!

West Orange Trail
Aren’t the sunbeams dreamy?

(Not) Stretching the Truth

Here’s the deal…I’m not flexible when it comes to my body (and sometimes my convictions don’t bend, either.)  Other the years, I have been absolutely horrible when it comes to stretching before or after a workout.  My crickety 44-year-old arse can’t do that this time around so I am making a concerted effort to incorporate it as part of my training.

Stretching (1)
Yo, Mom!  After you stretch and we lick you non-stop as you do so will you take us out for a walk?  Please, and thanks.  Love, Pugsley, and Wednesday.

I’m All Ears!!

Jared and I will be figuring out “costumes” to wear during the Princess Half, but we also have the Disney Wine & Dine 10k coming up in November.  You know how Instagram has the “You May Like” section?  I found the CUTEST Etsy shop thanks to Insta!!!  The Churro ears below will be a part of my ensemble for the Wine & Dine.  Now I just need to figure out what else I am going to wear…

Confection Ear Shop

📸:  Courtesy of Confectionear Shop

Check out the ConfectionearShop on Etsy here.  All of the ears are Disney sweet treat inspired and adorable.  I can’t wait for my ears to arrive!!!

So there you have it…that’s the haps in my Disney race life.  The training has started but hasn’t been overly grueling…yet.  It’s coming.  And I am probably going to complain about it here.  In all seriousness, I don’t have the best endurance mindset.  I’m open to any and all guidance, thoughts, and motivation.  Don’t be shy…please comment below!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.

(Princess) Laurie



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