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I’m Only Half Joking

Actually, I am not half-joking AT ALL.  This is not a joke.  I repeat.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!

I’ve signed up for the 2020 Disney Princess Half Marathon.  This is the truth.  The whole truth.  So help me, Bod.

Believe me when I say that I thought I had retired my half marathon shoes. But over the past couple of months,  I started to get the itch for a race with mileage that could lead to laughing and crying as I crossed the finish line (something I have managed to do upon completion of minimally three 13.1 mile races.)

The inspiration didn’t come to me out of nowhere or entirely on a whim.  Jared is my half marathon muse.  I’ve watched Jared transform himself over the past year-and-a-half from an unhealthy (yet dashingly charming) gent to an uber-fit cyclist that tackles anywhere from 30 to a 100 miles of blazing hot Florida road a day.  In the process, he has dropped over 60 pounds, gained a six-pack, and wears…well…you can see it in the photo below.


Back in January, I managed to finish the Disney Marathon Weekend 10k mostly due in part to Jared.  He got up stupid early in the morning to drive me over to EPCOT and then hung out in his car for HOURS waiting for me to finish.  And how supportive is he about the upcoming Disney Princess Half Marathon?


The race is still well over seven months away, but my planning and training wheels are in motion.  I’m excited and, yes, even a little scared of all the time, energy, and chafing that is to come.  But I am mostly thrilled with the idea of the process – from the first step of training to my last step over the finish line.

Here are a few items on my 13.1 track mind…

If the Shoe Fits…

I’m borderline giddy about getting fit for new running shoes at Track Shack.  My beloved Brooks sneakers bit the dust in 2018.  I’m curious to see what the fitting gurus at the store recommend for me this time around…

Brooks Running Shoes
R.I.P. Brooks Running Shoes.  You did your job.  May your stinky soles be found in shoe heaven.

What am I Going to Wear?

Laurie: “Jared?  Would you consider wearing a costume for the Princess Half?”

Jared: “Heck yeah!!!  Especially if I get to show off my gams!!!”

I’ve worn more subdued outfits during previous races but may get a bit more “Princess-ified” this time around.  We are open to any and all suggestions for running costumes/outfits.  What would you wear if you were running a race through the Disney parks?

Half Marathon Outfit
The Wine & Dine Half Marathon Outfit.  On the dirty, dirty ground,.

I’ve Got to Move it, Move it

Oh man…I am mentally preparing myself for ALL THE MILES.  My pace – even at my fittest – aligns with that of a snail with my goal being to finish without the aid of a medic.  I’ve been using the Aaptiv app for workouts over the past five months.  They do have a half marathon training program that I might use.  Maybe I will go from snail to tortoise?  Is a tortoise faster than a snail?  #AskingForAFriend

Aaptiv Celebration
You can’t hide your tired eyes with fake confetti as evidenced in this photo.

The Finish Line

I’m going to say it.  I like freaking participation trophies.  I’ve kept every single medal I have ever received whether it be from a 5k or a half marathon.  I earned that sh#t, and I’m keeping it.

Do I sound a little surly?    In all seriousness, Disney race medals are the BEST.

Half Marathon Celebration
Two Princesses and their race bling.

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

What else do I plan on having post-Princess run?  The lovely tea service at the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian.  The half is taking place during the month of my 45th birthday, and I want to celebrate both milestones with one (or both) of my pinkies up!

Grand Floridian Tea
The Tea Service at the Grand Floridian is divine.  Simply divine.

It’s about that time to hop off (which means doing some editing before hitting “publish.”)  I’ve missed this blog and have been non-stop smiling while my fingers were tapping away at the keyboard.  My 9-to-5 life took priority in the first six months of the year, and now I have a bit more breathing room for running and blogging.  I’m gosh darn giddy about it.

More to come regarding some of my training triumphs and foibles.  More Disney.  More wine.  More other stuff.  Is there anything you would like to see and read?  Let me know in the Comments Section below.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.



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