Table Topics and a Can of Wine

Welcome to what may be a series of posts on Work Play and Chardonnay – Table Topics and a Glass of Wine.  Or a can of wine in this particular installment…

Years ago, I came across Table Topics in a specialty store.  They are fun cards that help spark conversation.  I’ve used them during get-togethers and in the office to playfully torment my colleagues.  Recently, I was reminiscing about Table Topics and did a search to see if they were still around.  Non-shockingly enough, I found some new (to me) versions including Best Things Ever on Amazon.

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Get your own version of what you see below here – Table Topics: Best Things Ever

Table Topics
Table Topics are kind of like “icebreakers.”  I wonder if they put the cards in an ice cube-shaped vessel for that specific reason?

So…guess what I am about to do?  I am going to write about some of my Best Things Ever with one of my favorite things – wine!

What am I sipping? (Not a Table Topics question, by the way)

  • Name: Eufloria
  • Varietal: Aromatic White Wine (According to the wine's website it is a combination of Pinot Gris, Muscat, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling)
  • Located: Washington State
  • Branding: Artistic Can
  • Where I Bought It: Publix
  • Price: $5.99
  • My thoughts: Slightly effervescent which it is supposed to be.  Sometimes canned wine has sneaky bubbles.  This is supposed to be bubbly.  It’s a little too sweet to me probably due to the Riesling and Muscat.  The wine leaves legs in my wine glass and on my palate.  I am singing, “Pour Some Wine Sugar on Me.”

Let’s get to the Table Topics questions, shall we?

What’s Your Favorite Place in the House?

Absolutely, 100% the Lady Parlor.  It has evolved into my office for the blog, but it truly embodies the essence of Work Play and Chardonnay.  It’s a space where I get work done, read through cookbooks, and sip on wine.  And the dogs love it, too.  They can be found lazing about on the couch or rubbing themselves on the rug.  They are very, very refined.

Desk 2
Where some of the blog magic happens…
Dogs in Lady Parlor
Chief Relaxation Officer, Wednesday, hard at snoozing.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Get a Caffeine Fix?

My go-to caffeine fix is simple.  I drink two cups of light, sweet coffee from one of my beloved Anthropologie mug errrrry day.  I buy Starbucks Veranda Blonde coffee in bulk via Amazon.  And my creamer of choice is Italian Sweet Crème Coffeemate.

Coffee and HGTV
Coffee and HGTV.  Don't mind if I do.

What’s Your Favorite Excuse for Procrastinating?

I don’t think I have an excuse.  I just procrastinate.  Maybe I should ask Jared what he thinks my procrastination excuse is?  But if you want to know how I procrastinate.  Two words.  Social.  Media.

I don't make excuses.  I just procrastinate.  The end.

If You Could More Time to Spend on a Hobby Which Would You Choose?

Blogging.  It’s not even a contest.  I wish I could devote more time to my blog.  It’s so much more than writing content.  I’ve been at it for nearly a year, and there is still so much I don’t know or have time to properly develop/implement.  Maybe I can work on an early retirement plan so I can spend more time on WPC…

Blog Time
I want to blog on the road more in 2019.

What’s Your Favorite Photo of Yourself?

I recently posted this one to my Instagram (with fiancé approval).  It’s a photo from my first wedding.  It was the early 2000’s, and I went full-on Princess – big tulle skirt and a tiara surrounding my bun.  A friend’s toddler saw me and thought I was royalty.   The photo is of him oh so gently giving me a hug.  It’s one of the most precious pictures I've ever taken in my life.   I didn’t keep the husband, but you’re darn right I saved this photo!

Favorite Photo of Myself
A photo of a photo doesn't provide the best resolution, but you get the gist of why this photo is a fave of mine.

What Resources Do You Trust Most When You Plan a Trip?

In advance of a trip, I am an online ninja.  TripAdvisor and general searches on “The Google” for top restaurants or things to do is a must for me.  When I make it to my travel locale – I love asking locals where they go, what they do.  I bet 80% of my best foodie travel moments have been recommended by people that live in that particular city or town.

French Toast
Locals in Benton Harbor, MI steered me to the Mason Jar Cafe.  I went a minimum of four times during a work trip.

What’s Your Number One Ice Cream Flavor?

This is going to be so basic b*tch but hear me out.  I am a sucker for creamy, cold vanilla soft serve.  It’s delicious on its own, but it's the perfect vehicle for all of the mix-ins and toppings.  Mmm…vanilla ice cream…  You are like the dessert version of an LBD that can be accessorized.

Ice Cream.jpg
So melty.  So good.  Vanilla ice cream in my neighborhood.

Would I Buy Eufloria Aromatic White Wine Again? (Again…not a Table Topics question)

No.  It’s a little too sweet for me.  I prefer my wine to be on the drier side. But if you like a sweet wine with some effervescence, this might be the perfect can for you!

Bonus Table Topics question just for you:  What's your good luck charm?  Let me know in the Comments Section below!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% my own.


35 thoughts on “Table Topics and a Can of Wine

    1. Thanks!!! It was fun to do! I was merrily sipping wine and answering cards in my office the other day. I want to do it again. And maybe with a guest!!!

  1. Love the blog. Especially the description of those “refined” puppies. Yup, that’s spot on. And the wedding photo was so tender. As for procrastination, I’ve solved the need for an excuse with the technique of simply moving the task to a later date on my calendar. It almost feels like I’ve already completed it.

    1. Wednesday and Pugsley are definitely the Chief Relaxation Officers!!

      I’ve done the move a task to a later date move many times! It’s not procrastinating! It’s prioritizing!!!

  2. I love this! Cannot wait to see more. To answer your question: My good luck charm is the beautiful watch that Al gave me in honor of our first Christmas together. I’ve replaced multiple batteries in it during the eight years I’ve had it. I never feel right if I don’t wear it. It’s such a special and meaningful gift that I will treasure always.

    1. I love your good luck charm! What a meaningful memento! When you aren’t wearing your watch, do you look at your wrist expecting it to tell you something?

  3. I can totally relate on that procrastination part. That’s why I’ll finish what I’m doing first before opening my social media accounts haha. What a lovely place.

  4. Table topics over a can of wine seem to be a perfect way to spend our free time together with our family or friends! Neeed to try it out at the weekend! 🙂

  5. I love this! What a fun way to get to know people a little better! Need to try it out at the weekend! 🙂

  6. I always appreciate getting to know Trip Advisor before a trip. To be honest, most of my trips aren’t too planned and I like to kind of play things by ear and see what we see.

  7. We have some table topics too! They are the best. My husband sometimes brings them on date nights. It’s so fun! Also, wine is always a good idea! HEYYY

    1. HEYYY! Do you guys have the Date Night version? I used to have that series but somehow lost them in my latest move…

  8. Haha!The table topic cards would do for me too! An excuse for procrastination?Well, I have none. Anyway , your home office looks cute; can’t wait for the time I’ll set up mine too.

  9. I love honest you are answering these questions. Devoting more time to my blog, it’s also something I’m struggling on. But I’ve made a pact with myself to do better — very lovely article dear.

    1. Hi!! I appreciate that you can sense the honesty! Blogging is way more difficult than most people can even begin to understand!! I do love it, though!!

    1. It’s funny how annoying how small talk can be so annoying but when it is “manufactured” it can be fun. (I actually enjoy small talk!!)

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