Work Play and Chardonnay: January Round-up

Happy February!  I hope you have enjoyed your 1/12th of 2019 so far!  I'm still trying to figure out how 31 days can go by in what seems like Spaceballs-level “Ludicrous Speed.”


Here are some of the things that have been going on in the Work Play and Chardonnay world throughout the month that didn't really lend themselves to full-blown blog posts. Or in some cases…too tired to write about them (6.2 miles is a lot, Y'all!)

Monthly Race Report

One of my goals in 2019 is to complete a race a month.  Midway through 2018, I signed up for the 10k that was a part of Disney's Marathon Weekend.  At the time of registration, I had every intention to train…

I didn't train.  Not one lick.

But instead of letting the $125 (Disney ain't cheap) turn into dust, Jared very kindly offered to drive me to the race at 3:30 IN THE MORNING to keep me accountable.  When my alarm went off at 2:45 that day, the devil and angel that reside on my shoulders battled royale about getting out of bed.  But having the support of such a sweet man made me drag myself out of bed to pull on ALL THE LAYERS for the 40-degree Orlando weather.

Race #1 wasn't even close to being a PR, but I finished.  Thankfully, the Run 4 Love in February doesn't have such an early start time!

Seeing a sunrise at EPCOT is pretty darn magical.
10K Bib and Medal
My bib number was 65000!  SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND!!!!

DryISH January and the Sinful Sandwich

I was successful in completing my 10k but not so much “Dry January.”  So it is now being referred to as “Dryish January.”  Putting an end to my “dry spell” with rosé at Wine Bar George was well worth it.  Adding a BLT sandwich coated in a cheese sauce made going bad feel oh so good.  No ragrets.

Sorry not sorry, Grammarly.  I'm using the We are the Millers spelling of “regrets.”

Wine Bar George 1
Pretty in Pink in my wine glass.  Molly Ringwald not included.
Wine Bar George 2
“It’s like a BLT sandwich had a tawdry affair with the naughty, naughty mistress cheese.” – Laurie

Membership Has Its Privileges

If you've been a regular reader of Work Play and Chardonnay (thank you!!), you know that I am a fan of attending classes at Leu Gardens in Orlando.  If you are new to WPC (welcome!), here are a couple of posts here and here about my cheese and wreath-making experiences at the Gardens.

After attending a couple of classes and a Jazz Stroll at Leu last year, I finally realized that I was doing it all wrong.  A membership to the Gardens allows you to enjoy nature all year long while providing discounts to on-site events and classes.  So guess who is a member now and paying less for classes?  ME!!!!

Leu Gardens
I catch myself skipping around the gardens.  I would say I'm too old to skip, but I am going to call it cardio.  Cool?

Instagram Discovery

Instagram has been bombarding me with ads for weighted blankets and cosmetics lately.   I haven't hit “shop now” for the blanket YET, but I've got a few more pieces of makeup in my Amazon version of Caboodles.  The brand that I am so, so, so happy to have recently Insta-discovered?  FR & Company  – a shop based in a Missouri that has an online boutique featuring women's apparel, home decor, and gifts.  I can't wait to use my new F&R tote at the local Farmer's Market and Tim's Wine Shop!

FR and Company
I wonder how many bottles of wine I can carry in this tote?  The tote is only $14, and FR & Company will provide free shipping for orders over $25 in the U.S.  Boom.

WPC Chardonnay of the Month

A friend of mine introduced me to Meiomi Pinot Noir a couple of years ago.  Although I am not much of a red wine drinker, I became a fan of the winery.  So when I saw Meiomi Chardonnay at my local grocery store, I had to pick it up (sadly I didn't use my new tote!).

I do love me some wine corks, but sometimes a twist-off cap just makes my oenophile life a wee bit easier.  Seriously…I waited tables for five years and would pay other servers to open wine for me.  It's like Meiomi just knows me(iomi).  Their Chard is fruit forward, not oaky.  It's on the cusp of being too sweet, but somehow they reined in the sugar just right (for me).  I didn't pair it with anything other than a rainy day.  It made staying inside a little sweeter.

You know what pairs well with a rainy day?  A fruity Chardonnay.

January Blog Post Round-up

Guess Who’s Back…Back Again…

2019 Food & Wine Hopes and Dreams

How was your January?  Have you stuck to your resolutions?  Or have you “Ish'd” some like I did with “Dry January”?  Let me know in the Comments Section below!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S.  Nothing within this post is sponsored.  All opinions are 100% my own.


30 thoughts on “Work Play and Chardonnay: January Round-up

  1. I had to laugh (hard) at the “no ragrets.” I’m so happy you use that term too. I’ve been saying it since I saw the movie years ago. People think I’m ignorant. Now I see that I’m, in fact, in very good company. Thanks for the January recap. I would like someone to write a life recap for me. It would be like having Cliff Notes to help me remember stuff I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten. Keep these blogs coming. They brighten my day.

    1. You are always such wonderful company! No ragrets. Ever!!

      I think your version of life recaps is your scrapbooking! You turn moments in your life into artwork!!!

  2. My january was busy and full, I wasn’t home too much. And February started the same, I’m on a plane tomorrow, already. Good that you went to the race and finished, even if you didn’t train. That’s an achievement!

  3. I’ve been seeing weighted blankets all over social too! I’m close to getting sucked into getting one.

    1. There are two things holding me back from getting a weighted blanket – price and being able to wash the blanket at home. I think a weighted blanket might be a bit too much for my washing machine. I might have to invest in a washboard!! 🙂

  4. It sounds like you had a great January. I might have to try out a run at Disney at some point. I hate to run, but if it’s at Disney, I think I’d be okay with it.

    1. Hi!!! The BLT was soooo good!

      I got the champagne bell at World Market. I ring the bell all the time and all I get is crickets. 🙂

  5. With a name like work play Chardonnay I wouldn’t expect you to last a whole month without some Chardonnay!! I keep trying and then the weekend comes or the toddler is a toddler and then where’s that wine……

    1. Hahahah! I really tried! And then…I wanted the darn wine. So I drank the darn wine.

      I don’t have a toddler but I could imagine that a toddler being a toddler would equal Pinot Grigio for me. 🙂

  6. My January has been great- ticking some goals off because I’m already done with them. And seems you need to buy one of those blankets since Instagram has decided to bring up those ads lol!

  7. January was crazy for us! Enjoying our dogs and their daily adventures, blogging, chipping away at one of my four fiction WIPs, slowly paying off credit card debt, birthday celebrations – Oh my!

    1. A marathon would be quite the feat! My longest race was a half marathon. I think those days are LONG over.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your January! And time flies so fast it’s February now!
    You gave us tips which wine to try next.

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