Guess Who’s Back…Back Again…

Guess Who’s Back…Back Again…

I'm going to jump right in to say that I didn't expect to take nearly two months off from the blog.  It just kind of happened.  My work life was way busier than expected at the close of the year.  And since my day-to-day job keeps a roof over my head, clothes on my body, and a steering wheel in my hands…it took the front seat.

And as soon as my nice, holiday vacation started, I got a cold that made me feel like an army of Mucinex cartoon germs had hostilely taken over.  The only interest I had in writing was via text and/or Facebook messages that were heavily reliant upon “kill me now” GIFs.

So…yeah…I lost my (blog) groove.  But dang it…if Stella can get hers back so can I!

Before I get into some of the food and wine happenings over the past TWO MONTHS. Let me just acknowledge that this post might be like the first pancake you take off the griddle.  A little underdone but you still eat it with a bit more syrup than the others.

Man…if you are still reading this…you must know me personally.  (Hi, Mom and Dad!)

Here goes the bloggy pancake…

Folie a Deux…I Love You…

The lovely folks at Folie à Deux sent me a couple bottles of wine to sample over the holidays.  Their Chardonnay didn't choke my palate with oak (just a touch of oak for me, please.)  What I do like is a Chardonnay that rounds my mouth with fruit, some acidity, and light oak.  And Folie à Deux delivered that for me.

Folie a Deux One
Thank you for sending me the wine to try, Folie à Deux!  I can't wait to order more.  I might even share it next time…maybe…

Playing Chicken with the Barefoot Contessa

I did manage to pair the Chardonnay mentioned above with a Barefoot Contessa recipe.  Her Crispy Mustard Chicken with Frisée is TO DIE.  If you want to impress yourself or your friends…check out the recipe linked here.  And feel free to invite me over.  I might even help you wash your dishes when we are through.  Please let me digest for at least thirty minutes before passing me the rubber gloves…

Barefoot Contessa
If crispy chicken and creamy potatoes atop lettuce equals a salad, I've been doing it wrong.

A Quick Stop in St. Augustine

Our annual road trip to Jim and Momica's either starts or ends with a couple of days in St. Augustine, FL.  Jared and I discovered the cutest Airbnb in the heart of the historic district.  Three separate apartments are within this Victorian-style home.  Our second level abode featured a kitchenette, spacious living room area, and TWO dedicated outdoor spaces.  The fact that the Airbnb hosts provide a bottle of wine makes me oh so happy and loyal.  You can learn more about their property and its amenities here.

Airbnb (1)
Even a gloomy day can't detract from the charm of the 78 Spanish Street house!

We had every intention to try a new restaurant for our “main foodie event” while in St. Augustine, but the siren call of Preserved Restaurant was just too strong. It's “hands down, forks up” my all-time favorite restaurant in all of St. Augustine. It's nestled in an adorable neighborhood within walking distance from the Airbnb.  You can choose to sit inside where it's super cozy or outside on the charming porch.

While we basked in the sunshine on the porch, we shared a crisp bottle of Chablis, oysters, escargot, mussels, and a butterscotch sundae that led to the “war of the spoons” at its end.  I guess we had a four-course shell-related dinner?  Bananas kind of come in a shell, right?  Right???!!!

Seriously…go to Preserved.  You won't regret it.

Vegas, Sister, Vegas!!

Many, many, many months ago my sister, Kelly, asked me if I wanted to see Gwen Stefani in Las Vegas.  Umm…it would have been B-A-N-A-N-A-S to answer in anything but the affirmative!  (Sorry….couldn't resist!)

Despite being on the planet for a nearly combined century (damn…we are OLD), we had never had the opportunity to go on a girls trip together. Our time in Vegas went by way too quickly.  I can't wait to share more getaways with her!!

Just a few trip highlights…

Gordon Ramsey Burger
Gordon Ramsay Burger in Planet Hollywood almost always has a super long line.  If you go at nearly midnight, the line isn't as long, AND the decadently delicious burgers are the perfect antidote to one glass of wine too many.
The Bachelor Slots
Stumbled upon this gem of a slot machine at The Cosmopolitan.  It was the most dramatic slot machine…EVER!
Gwen Stefani performed her a$$ off even though she had a gnarly cold.  I had a cold the week before.  I was a whiny, little weasel that wanted nothing but Netflix and cheap ramen.  Photo credit:  Kelly Berryman

I put down some seriously stellar nibbles and sips over the holidays!  So much so, that my closet is cursing me out and giving not so nice hand gestures  But fear not!  I promise to move my body to the point of exertion in 2019.  That might only take about 4.5 minutes at this juncture, but before I know it…my jeans won't be straining to keep my thighs covered on a wing and a prayer.

How has everyone been?  Did you have a good holiday?  What type of indulgences did you partake?

Work Hard.  Play Hard  Drink Chard.


P.S.  I missed you, Work Play and Chardonnay.