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Laurie-lai Gilmore: My Day as a Gilmore Girl

I have a confession.  Lean in closely, so I don’t have to broadcast it to the world…

I’m addicted to television.  I don’t care how I get my eyes on it – stream it, DVR it, On Demand.  Heck…I’ll even sit down with Survivor and The Bachelor as they air so I can live tweet.  But there is one series that I will watch over and over and over again.

Gilmore Girls


The original season had 154 episodes while the 2016 Netflix reboot “A Year in the Life” added an additional 4 to the total.  If I could venture a guess, I have watched all episodes a minimum of 4 times each.  That brings my estimated total of episodes watched to…

632 times!!!  And I’m probably going to double that total within the next five to ten years.  The quirkiness of the series with its fast-paced dialogue peppered with obscure pop culture references makes me laugh, cry, and sometimes shake my fist at the television.

To pay homage to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, I decided to experience a day as a Gilmore Girl in and around the Orlando area.  Now…I get it.  It’s no Stars Hollow.  There is no Luke’s Diner or Dragonfly Inn, but you know what?  There’s a little Gilmore in and around all of us.

Check it out…

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…at Foxtail’s Farmhouse

Coffee is beloved by the Gilmore Girls and by yours truly, Laurie-lai Gilmore (for a day.)  It’s a beverage that was sipped so frequently on the show that I had to Google the coffee count for the original series.  And according to Refinery29, the total number was 503!  Or the number of cups that I have throughout a year.

To get my caffeine fix, I headed over to Foxtail’s Farmhouse in Winter Park with my Jess (a.k.a. Jared).  Foxtail Coffee had been all over my Instagram feed, so it seemed like the perfect place to “Gilmore.”  And it didn’t disappoint!  The location and decor were charmingly industrial.  And my cafΓ© con leche was crafted with barista aplomb and as smooth as Logan. <insert winky face>

Oy with the Brunch Already at The Parkview

After coffee, we made our way to the Park Avenue area of Winter Park for some eats and shopping.  Primarily, I have been to The Parkview for a glass of wine (or two), but this time we checked out their brunch menu.  They must have known I was “Gilmore-ing” as they gave us a couple of mini doughnuts to nosh on as we waited for our BLT tartine.

Note to self – Go back to The Parkview for brunch again soon.  So. Freaking.  Good.

Book Shopping at Brandywine Books

Tucked into one of the alcoves along Park Avenue is a used bookstore called Brandywine Books.  It’s a cozy shop that is crammed with used hardcovers that take up residence in every available crook and nanny in its limited space.  If you love the smell of musty, dusty books, this is the spot for you!  I tend to pick up an old cookbook or two during every visit.  This time was no different as I picked up a Jacque PΓ©pin techniques book and a Julia Child biography.  I am sure both Rory and Sookie would approve!

Channeling Sookie at Williams-Sonoma

As much as I try to shop local, I will always spend money at Williams-Sonoma.  They have ALL THE GADGETS and some specialty food items that to go home with me (they are cheeky!), so I popped in to get some holiday gifts and a new Skinny Jalapeno Key Lime Margarita Mix.  I bet Sookie would be down to sip a few margs with me.


A Night In of a (or with) Lifetime

The final “act” of the day was a date with my TV with a little Gilmore-certified “food de junk.”  I had a little cocktail hour in my Lady Parlor which added a little Friday night dinner vibe to the festivities.  I don’t think Emily Gilmore would ever serve wine in a can.  Or maybe she would from her new home in Nantucket…

Cocktail Hour
Lorelai Gilmore and I have the same initials.  This pleases me.

After the Lady Parlor libation, I put together a spread of all the stuff that would make any doctor cringe in my living room.  Nutritional value wasn’t allowed a seat at the coffee table.  Admittedly, I noshed on bits and pieces of everything, but my hunger and metabolism don’t hold a candle to the fictional Gilmore Girls.  It was fun trying, though!

TV 3
Lifetime Movies are a campy, good time.  And they have the best titles.  “My Baby is Gone!!” is a personal fave.
All the Goodies
Bird’s eye view of the caloric debauchery.  Time for truth.  I think Red Vines are disgusting.  I used Twizzlers instead.

I’ll forever miss new episodes of Gilmore Girls but thankful that they are just a click away with my remote.  They’ll be always be quoted and have a special place in my heart.  Maybe next year, I’ll be Laurie-lai Gilmore for a day again. A girl can dream…

Have you ever seen the show?  If so, which character is your favorite?  Also, some people “cosplay” their favorite characters.  Would you call this a “cos-do”?  Does that make sense?  Let me know in the comments below!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.  And, well, Happy Almost Thanksgiving!



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