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Work Play and Chardonnay: October Round-up

Where oh where did my October go?  Oh, where or where can it be?  Oh…it can be jammed into a blog post!?  Well…alrighty then…here is what WPC has been up to throughout the first full month of fall.

Away we go…

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A Tisket, A Tasket…a Picnic Backpack

Twice a year, Leu Gardens holds a jazz event on its sprawling grounds – typically in April and October.  Garden patrons are allowed to bring outside food and drink to enjoy along with the festivities.  Some people bring in a bottle of soda.  Others bring an entire set-up inclusive of tables, chairs, coolers, and lanterns.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I don’t carry the equivalent of a dining set, but I do like to bring a smattering of food and wine.  So I needed to find something “just right” to cart around my Jazz Stroll goodies this time around.

I’ve always wanted a picnic basket.  In my mind, baskets signify a foodie good time all wrapped up in wicker cuteness.  But they aren’t the most functional or comfortable when you have to walk more than fifty feet to find the perfect spot to squat.  So I consulted “The Amazon” and found the ideal solution – the picnic backpack.  It was just right for the event (it even has a wine bottle holder!!!)  I adore the functionality and look forward to using it during the Florida “winter” when eating outdoors is pleasant and not a mission from Hades.

The backpack includes place settings for four, the cutest salt & pepper shakers I ever did see, and a cozy blanket.  Bottle of wine not included (sadly).
Cheese and charcuterie.  I remember when I called charcuterie “salami.”

Brunch with Art Smith at EPCOT

The experiences I have had at EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival have been right up my wine-o and foodie alley ending with a brunch featuring Art Smith of Disney Spring’s Homecomin’ (just one of his many, many accolades and restaurants).  Unfortunately, the lighting in the venue mixed with my iPhone wasn’t a match in photo heaven, so my images from the event are limited.

The brunch foods were decent, the sparkling wine was plentiful, and the enjoyment of listening to Art Smith talk for an hour made me oh so happy.  How many people can say “Ms. Winfrey” and “Papa Gaga” (Lady Gaga’s father) when talking out their life experiences?  His southern charm and passion for food and Disney made me nod my head up and down with a big a$$ smile on my face.

Mickey Waffle
Mickey waffles with a purple-ish hue are acceptable. Art Smith with a purple face?  Not so much.


Somm 3 Documentary Screening at Wine Bar George

I had a couple of “firsts” at Wine Bar George – a movie screening and a blind wine tasting.  Master Sommelier and restaurant owner, George Milliotes, led the viewing in one of his tasting rooms.  He periodically stopped the documentary to provide insights and thoughts on the wine industry.  And one of the coolest parts?  He conducted a blind wine tasting that was nearly identical to one that took place in the film.  You know what I learned?

I can tell if the wine is red or white.  I’m clearly gifted.

Somm 3 Screening

My first blind wine tasting was a party for the senses.

October Snack Attack: Quinn Snacks Microwave Popcorn

If I could guess my popcorn ordering percentage at the movies, I would say it is ordered around 60% of the time.  I am a sucker for good, old-fashioned movie theater popcorn.  For a similar snack experience at home, I’ve tried numerous brands of microwave popcorn that have mostly fallen into the “meh” category.  Until I met Quinn…Snacks.  Their bags of corn come with a separate packet of butter with sea salt or rosemary and parmesan cheese to shake over the warm kernels of corn-y deliciousness.  I fell in love with Quinn (don’t tell Jared!)

I think the Barefoot Contessa would enjoy this rosemary and parmesan popcorn.

Epic Fail of the Month: The Juice Cleanse

My first juice cleanse took place over a weekend.  I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it but didn’t find myself ravenously hungry.  And I felt spectacular the next day!  So…I decided to try another cleanse.  On Halloween.  While at work in the office.  And I was crushing it until about 2:00pm when I got struck by a case of the stomach rumbles that rivaled the sounds of a pterodactyl from Jurassic Park.  So I drank another juice a little early.  By the time 5:00pm rolled around, I had gone DEF-CON hangry.  Thankfully Jared recognized the sound of “FEED ME NOW OR THE WORLD WILL FACE MY WRATH” in my voice on the phone and had tacos ready and waiting for me by the time I got home.

Mmm…tacos…and GOOD MAN!

Failed Juice
Key October Learning – Don’t do the juice on Halloween.  Grab a Twix instead.

October was busy, busy, busy and fun! November is shaping up to be the same with work, play, and…yep…you guessed it…Chardonnay.

It’s crazy to think that the holiday season is upon us but it is here!  What are your plans?  Are you ready for it all?  Is anyone else in the mindset that it is already 2019?  Let me know in the comment section below!

But before we go, here are the October posts you may have missed!

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Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S. I spelled “pterodactyl” correctly out of the gate.  Boom.


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