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Work Play and Chardonnay: August Round-up

Another month bites the dust.  Another month bites the dust.  And August is gone, and August is gone.  Another month bites the dust…

Slow down, 2018, slow DOWN.  Please and thank you.

Okay.  Okay.  I have as much control over time as I do over a freshly opened bottle of white wine.  Actually…I’m lying about the latter, but you will learn a little more about that as you scroll down.  Pinky swear.

August wasn’t a slouch in the fun department.  This was partially due to my Maine vacation but mostly due to the quality time that I was able to spend with friends and family including…

Fairy doors and a cheese-making class at Leu Gardens with Nicole.  The cheese course was planned.  The fairy doors were a pleasant (and adorable!) surprise.

My Maine vacation included time well spent at the Gannon Camp.  It also included my first 5k outside of Florida.  My lack of planning and old sneakers made it a race that was a #FAIL (I’m not faulting the race at ALL).

My usual M.O. is to put together a “Ranifest” – an organized list with all of my race needs and pertinent information.  For some reason I decided to wing it, so I got the race start time wrong, packed yoga pants instead of running rights and forgot the top to my hand-held water bottle.  Also, I brought old, old running shoes that finally gave me a blister after a zillion miles…  I shall rename this the “Oops and Ouch 5k”.  Again…totally my fault.

Dead Sneakers
R.I.P. Brooks running shoes.  You saw me through miles and miles of training and numerous road races.  You were cute and utilitarian.  May shoe heaven treat you right.

I drank a lot of wine during my vacation.  So much wine that I referred to it as “Wine-a-Geddon.”  Just a few pieces of evidence below…

As much fun as I had had it was overly decadent, so I decided to go alcohol-free for thirty days (it’s day 12 as I type this…boom!).  I kicked off the 30 days with my first ever juice cleanse via Pressed Juicery.  Admittedly, I was a bit afraid of the cleanse.  I’m a food lover through and through.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the taste of the juices.  I did feel a bit lethargic during the day and, at times, missed chewing solid foods.  But overall…I would cleanse again.  But for now…I’m living the Mocktails and Dreams life.

Pressed Juicery
I survived my first juice cleanse and I all I got was this lousy Instagram post.  And a healthy living boost.  I can’t shake a swizzle stick at that.

I can’t believe September is HERE.  There is so much to look forward to this month.  The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival (wine to be sipped on September 22nd!), the six month anniversary of the blog on September 17th, the beginning of 10k training for the Disney Marathon Weekend, and my very first stay in a Tiny House that I booked via Airbnb (I’m a little excited.  Get it!!!???).  I bet I am going to complain about how quickly September went by before I know it.

But before September ends, here’s the August round-up of posts if you’d like to catch-up on cheese, wine, and Maine.

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Desperately Seeking Lobster…

Happy end of Summer going into Fall, Y’all.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard (after September 21st).



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