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But First, Brunch

There are a few traits that my parents passed down upon me.  Some physical.  Some not.  Thanks to my Mom, I’m quite short with a stocky frame or as my mother calls it “the lineage of sturdy peasants.”  My wit is quick and leans heavily on the puns thanks to my father.  And, of course, there is our collective love of food.

Food is pretty close to being a Gannon family member.

As a child, my Dad’s nickname was “Food Man.”  He has always been at the ready to feed anyone or anything from friends and family to the squirrels jokingly referred to as “Fat A$$ Squirrels” that lived near the Gannon Camp.  So it should come as no surprise that an activity I chose to share with my parents while home on vacation was a cooking demonstration at Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine.

Stonewall Kitchen is a very well-known food brand that can be found in grocery stores around the U.S.  Early on you may have received their catalogs filled with picturesque jams, sauces, and home goods.  It was in 2000 that they opened their Headquarters and Company Store in York, Maine.  And about a decade ago, they debuted their Cooking School.

Welcome Sign
A little backstory of Stonewall Kitchen greets you as you walk up to the Company Store.

Over the years, I have taken about four different cooking demonstrations at Stonewall.  Years ago I experienced an “Ode to Julia Child” class that still makes me want Tomato Gratin on the reg.  But for this visit with my parents, I selected “But First, Brunch.”  Because…brunch.

There’s no wrong turn, but I took the right one for the brunch class.

Upon arrival, we were guided to take a seat and made aware that coffee and tea were available for the class.  The Kitchen also offers wine or beer at an additional charge.  I happily sipped a glass of rosé while checking out the brunch menu.  And in case you like (or adore) what was made, the packet also includes the recipes for each course.  Total bonus.

Rose and a Progra
Is brunch really brunch without a glass of wine?

During the cooking demos, a guest chef or a Stonewall Kitchen staff walks you through each recipe.  It can be a bit hard to see everything that is going on, so they have monitors on either side of the kitchen so you can get a bird’s eye view of the chef’s “hands-on” work.

Cooking School Class
Chef Rebecca Meyer guided as through numerous recipes.  She was gracious, fun and made it know that she is a sucker for prepping vegetables.

Stonewall Kitchen has plenty of people working the demo to help refill drinks, serve courses and check on guests.  They are pretty stealthy because I felt like I was being helped while being able to follow along with the demonstration.  That’s not too bad for someone that needs to hit “pause” on the remote when someone talks to her during a TV show!

Ohhh…did you guys want to see the food?  Well…I will get on with it…

A “quick” puff pastry dough was demo’d which became ham and gruyere croissants.  The chocolate croissant featuring orange-scented dough was a surprise addition.
Chef Meyer overviewed her caramelized onion quiche and sweet potato hash featuring smoky bacon.  Fruit salad on the side balanced the richness.
Chocolate Doughnuts
The stars on the baked chocolate-glazed doughnuts gave me “heart eyes.”

Three courses of food with multiple samples of croissants and doughnuts = To Go Box.  Early in the class, Chef Meyer let it be known that boxes would be available to take leftovers home.  I was able to enjoy croissants and doughnuts the next day with a cup of coffee on the Gannon Camp porch.  Bliss!

Once the class was over, we explored the grounds of Stonewall Kitchen a bit.  The flowers are glorious!  The Company Store has a café and plenty of outdoor seating so if you aren’t taking a cooking demo you can still enjoy breakfast and lunch the Stonewall Kitchen way.  I’ve had lovely meals at the café and will do so again during another visit.

“But First, Brunch” was another cooking demonstration success!  Next time I home, I will sign-up for my 5th class.  I think a seafood demo might be up my alley (as you’ll see in my next post!)

Have you ever tried Stonewall Kitchen or been to their Company Store in York, Maine?  If you could experience a cooking demo what would you want to be the subject?  And would you bring leftovers home or eat ALL THE FOODS?

Next stop on my At Home in Vacationland tour?  Kennebunkport.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S. This is not a paid post.  Stonewall Kitchen and their Cooking School are my jam.  Pun intended.  Just the way Dad would do it.


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