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At Home in Vacationland

Hello, everyone!  How have you been?  I’ve been blog dormant for the past couple of weeks.  That wasn’t by design.  I had every intention to post while I was at my parent’s house in Maine for a vacation.  Unfortunately, I was thwarted by wi-fi that made my phone and computer “chill out” and take a breather of their own while at the “Gannon Camp.”

Most of my growing up years were spent in Maine in a teeny, tiny town called Turner.  In my own personal Wikipedia of the town, it is known for a smell egg farm and Patrick Dempsey.  The latter and I shared the same sixth-grade teacher although weren’t in class the same year.  And at some point in the 80’s he made out with one of my childhood babysitters.  What a lucky dame!

It was the winter of 1985 when my parents told my siblings and me that they had purchased a “camp” in Acton, Maine.  This seasonal house on Mousam Lake would become my home every summer from 5th grade until I graduated from high school.

Camp 1
View of the “Gannon Camp” from the dock.  This is the dock I would “troll” for boys as a teenager while waiting for my sun to naturally highlight my hair.

As a kid, I didn’t always appreciate my time at the Camp.  Being an hour and hour away from school friends for a couple of months wasn’t easy especially when phone calls were charged by the minute.  And it didn’t help that the other kids that lived in the nearby camps were total d!cks.

However, the Gannon Camp was a meeting ground for one of my best friends since babyhood, Jenn.  We have never lived in the same state, so we have always made the most of any time that we are able to share.  One of my favorite childhood memories is when she came to our lake house to spend a weekend and ended up staying two weeks.  My parents view her as another daughter so her invite has and always will be open-ended.

Camp Porch
Jenn and I in the early 2000’s.  Don’t you love my post-water-skiing hair?  I bet it was awesome to comb through later.  #lakehairdontcare

As an adult, my love for Gannon Camp has grown to the point where it is one of my staple vacation go-to’s.  It’s peaceful, relaxing and I get to spend time with two of the best people I know – my parents.  I try to make it home for a week each summer.  The key word being “try.”

Exterior 3.PNG
One of my top vacation spots.  Thankfully the owners birthed me, so I don’t get charged for my room.

It’s crazy to think that I hadn’t been home in a couple of years!  Purchasing a new home just before the start of last summer made it a bit of a challenge to take a longer-term vacay.  But I made up for that this year by enjoying a temperate August week on Mousam Lake!!!

Blog Office
I had the best blogging intentions while in Maine.  But check out that view!

I kicked off the vacation with some catching up time with Mom and Dad.  Lots of wine and lots of laughs.  And after the second glass of wine, my mother let it be known she didn’t like my hair.

Mom:  “Soooo…are you trying to go back to your natural color?”

Me:  “No, Mom.  I was trying something different, and I should have stuck with my original instinct to wear a light blonde wig.  Or hide my hair in a hat.”

I knew she’d hate my hair.  It’s getting blonder in a week or so, Mom.

I digress…

It had been a long time since Jenn and I were together at the Gannon Camp.  It was so much fun having her and her two kids, Trey and Marin, over for the night.  Jenn and I spent some time on the dock catching up with adult grape juice and later enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples with the kiddos.

Burger King Wine
Wine tastes pretty darn good in a Burger King cup.  My father didn’t buy “swill” for his middle daughter.  He’s a good man.

The next morning I was able to spend a bit of time with Marin while everyone else got their lake snooze on.  We tried to put together a soda can robot but realized we didn’t have all of the necessary parts.  So we pivoted to making a Can Man and creating stories about his uncanny life.

Mr Crabby Patty 8.PNG
This is Mr. Crabby Patty.  I wish I could tell you the rest of his story, but I was wine-hazed and not yet caffeinated (but still creative!)

Before I knew it our time with Jenn and the kids was over.  I would love to sit down with Father Time and have a chat about going a wee bit too fast.  Still…it was so much fun to make new memories with Jenn and her brood.  Who wouldn’t want to make memories with wine in a Burger King Cup and a Mr. Crabby Patty?

Does anyone else go home for vacation and genuinely find it relaxing?  Does anyone else have a Mom that is super judge-y about their hair?  Don’t worry…I still think my mother is totally rad.

There’s more to come about my trip to Vacationland.  The wi-fi in this house is strong like bull, so hopefully, I will get off my duff and post like a boss soon.

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S.  I might wear a blonde wig the next time I see my Mom just for fun.  Maybe I should wear a pink one?  Hmm…


  • Lisa Butler

    Hi Laurie! I absolutely love your Smurfs coffee mug. That cartoon was (ok it still is) my favorite show growing up. Anyway, I too come from a very small town and I love going home to visit! My town is so small but also very peaceful. In fact, my home town still has a Drive In movie theater that I love. You’re not the only one with a mother who is has comments about hair. I thought as a 42 year old my mother would be less of a Lisa-you do everything-wrong-complainer. No she still complains about my hair, my clothes, my weight, etc now more than she did when I was a teenager. It never ends! I think I’ll get some wine now! 😂 I hope you have a great week!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi Lisa! My sister and I have a hard time agreeing to whom the Smurfs mug actually belongs (I adamantly believe it was mine!)

      A Drive-in theater is so much fun! I think I have only been once in my life, but it was cool (because it wasn’t during the summer in Florida).

      Our mothers love us and quite frankly invented the “compli-diss”. 🙂

      Did you have some wine? I am on a 30-day wine cleanse so I will need sip vicariously through you. 🙂

      • Lisa Butler

        Oh I certainly did! I have my serving of fermented grapes everyday! I love wineries and I have a membership at one of my favorite places called Adirondack Winery. I get three bottles shipped to me every three months so I get my wine from there. I also live 15 minutes away from Angry Orchard, which isn’t exactly wine but the treehouse is also cool! 😁

      • lauriegannon1

        I have a wine membership at a local shop here, too! I pick up two bottles a month from them (and may buy a few more while there).

        A treehouse at Angry Orchard? I love treehouses! I want to go! Where is that located?????

    • lauriegannon1

      I will stash a wig for you under the front steps. I swear I am going to buy one. Just to wear in front of Mom.

  • The Teaching Aunt

    Your place looks so beautiful. I could totally imagine myself reading a book by the water. I don’t mind not having wi-fi. Just give me a lot of books. Oh, and could you invite Patrick Dempsey, too? If it’s not too much to ask.

    • lauriegannon1

      Hahahaha! How great would it be if Patrick Dempsey could come by?

      There have been so many books read in my room and on the dock by the lake over the years. My childhood room actually has some books that accidentally got sealed in the wall when my parents did a reno in the late 90s. I am sure there are a few Sweet Valley High books in the wall now. 🙂

      • The Teaching Aunt

        Sweet Valley High?! I love that book series! I have a collection. And they’re still in our old house. I spent a lot of my allowance trying to complete Elizabeth and Jessica’s diaries. 🙂

      • lauriegannon1

        Did you see that they had an adult version of the series? I think it came out a few years ago. I wonder if they are still pumping out adult versions?

        Also…I always wanted a lavalier necklace. 🙂

      • The Teaching Aunt

        Didn’t know about the adult version. I stopped at SVU and moved on to more “mature books”. 😁
        And I also wanted to have that necklace. There was also a time when I wanted to be blonde. 😁 Who do you like more? Elizabeth or Jessica?
        Team Jessica here. 😊

      • lauriegannon1

        Elizabeth had the hot boyfriend. I couldn’t get a date to save my life at that age so I lived vicariously through the “good” twin. Although, I completely understand the allure of Jessica. 🤩

    • lauriegannon1

      Yay!!! Where did you go as a child? It’s so funny to think that I now vacation at home. Maine memories are special ones!

  • Kam Balitaan

    This place just speaks vacation all on its own. Looks so peaceful and relaxing. My mom is also so blatant about having my hair fixed when she finds it with all the frizz and stuff. She makes a good salon companion too! Lol.

    • lauriegannon1

      It’s definitely relaxing and peaceful! And “Grown Ups” appeal made me laugh. I haven’t seen Adam Sandler or Kevin James at the house recently. I wonder if they took our canoe? 🙂

  • Karen

    Been there! My mother always has an opinion about my hair. Nice to know there more of us. Lol!
    What a beautiful place to getaway to. I see myself coming here for the weekend to relax.

    • lauriegannon1

      Oh yes…my mother definitely has her opinions. And I am truly getting my hair done tomorrow – 80% for me, 20% for her. 🙂

  • Amber

    Ha, I like that soda can robot.

    This looks like a lovely place to relax. It’s always nice to be near the water.

  • lavieenmay

    Looks like such a relaxing place! I love places overlooking a body of water – I find it very calming to look out at a river, ocean, etc. I feel the same way when I go home to my parent’s place. Because I grew up there, I’m just so familiar with all the nooks and crannies of the house and it reminds me of all the good memories I had growing up there.

  • Cristina Pop

    What a beautiful place to spend your vacation! I always love having a vacation somewhere in a quiet place!

  • kumamonjeng

    This house look like what I seen in the American movie, – the holiday summer house, especially there is a walkway wooden path to the water. We dont see such houses back here and I really enjoyed these pictures!

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    I also prefer going back to the countryside for some of my vacations and it’s just so relaxing; breathing clean air and the atmosphere is so calming. Anyway, your vacation looks just as great. Time by the lake looks more fun.

  • bellainspiredgrace

    Oh yea, moms and hair. My hair has become curly; I cut it and now it does weird wavy sort of curly $hit. When my mother first say, she said well what happened?? Hair can’t just change; it’s ALWAYS been stick straight.

    Right mom, I really want my hair to change and me not know what to do with it!

    Also, I want to come to your camp! Looks AMAZING!!

    • lauriegannon1

      I actually just went blonder (again). I saw my Mom this weekend. She didn’t say a word. That means it is acceptable.

      My sister’s hair got curlier over time, too! Mine is stick straight. My hair has special powers. It is resistent to curling irons and rollers. It’s quite amazing!

      Thank you! My parents absolutely love what went from a “camp” to a full-time home. It’s so peaceful. Can I go back now? 🙂

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