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I didn’t REALLY skip to the Leu Gardens, but the title is kind of catchy, right?  Are you singing the song in your head?  Maybe in my next post, I will torture everyone with the Hokey Pokey…

Moving on…

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a morning at the Harry P. Leu Gardens just outside to take a wreath-making class.  Leu Gardens is just over 50-acres of natural beauty.  They offer numerous activities for nature enthusiasts of all ages from camps for kids to cooking and nature-focused classes for adults.  They even have special events such as a monthly Movie Night (I need to go!!!) and the twice a year Jazz Stroll that I referenced in an earlier blog post.

Wreath-making fell into my lap…actually…within my Gmail account.  The Gardens newsletter listed out their upcoming classes and what do you know?  Something I wanted to buy to “prettify” my house was being offered as an activity.  Challenge accepted.

The wreath-making class was led by Eileen Tongson of Farmgal Flowers.  Eileen overviewed the process of wreath-making and the supplies we would use to create our masterpieces.  Here’s how it all went down…

wreath form
We were asked to bring our own gloves and clippers (Thank you, Amazon Prime!)  The “soft” wreath form was provided to us upon the arrival.
wreath making
I selected a bunch of greenery – olive branches, eucalyptus and bay leaves and some rosemary and sage.  I wish the scent came through this blog post.  It was herby heaven.
class 2
The making of the wreath was so much simpler than expected.  We were instructed to make a series of small bouquets and secure them with the form’s prongs.  Even I can do that!!
Wreath class
We had two hours to get “wreath-y” with it.  I Bob Ross’d it within an hour.
It might not be perfect, but it is mine.  Thank you for such a great time, Eileen!

After the class was over, I strolled the grounds for a bit (June around noon in Florida is HOT so I short walk was all I wanted/needed).  I nestled my little creation in the passenger seat of my car, grabbed a bottle of water and took a solo nature walk.

I spied with my contact-lensed eyes…

Picturesque paths and walkways…

Some of my favorite garden structures – gazebos, cottages, pergola, and benches…oh my!

An Idea Garden that made me think of future Leu Garden-related blog posts I want to do in the future.  More classes, a Movie Night and How to Jazz Stroll like a boss.

So many statues that I may have weirded someone out when they caught me imitating one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you, Leu Gardens and Farmgal Flowers, for such a lovely morning!  I am looking forward to checking out more of your events and activities.

Do you have Botanical Gardens in your town?  Have you ever been?  Do you know of Bob Ross and his “happy trees”?  <---I can't help but ask. Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard. Laurie P.S.  This is not a sponsored post.  I just dig Leu Gardens.


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