Jolie and Me: A Puppy Love Story

This is one of the most challenging blog posts that I will likely ever write.  Tears are streaming down my face as I put my fingers to my keyboard and will probably continue to fall as I muddle my way through.
My puppy, my dog, my companion is in the final stages of her life, and it is a pain unlike any other that I have experienced.  She’s my longest relationship at just under 14 years of unconditional love.
My heart hurts and aches so much.
This might seem a bit crazy, but I wanted to write this post just before she passes so I can read it to her.  I know she won’t understand me, but I just want her to know how much she now and always will mean to me. From the bottom, top and sides of my obliterated heart.

Dear Jolie,

The day we met I knew you were meant to be with me.  You were a little moppet of apricot-colored fur.  When I picked you up for the first time, you nestled into my neck and gave a puppy sigh.  It was love at first sigh.  And you quickly became mine.

First Picture
Your first photo.  You didn’t know what to make of the lens, but you quickly got used to your “Mamarazzi”

The shop had named you “Raggedy Ann” but I hated the name, and I think you did, too.  You became “Jolie.”  Most people think you are named after Angelina Jolie, but you were named after the French word for “pretty.”  Even though “Brangelina” wasn’t a thing when I got you, I have always been #TeamAniston.  But I know you know that because you and I don’t have any secrets.

You loved your original Dad and me immediately.  And when the OG father and I went through a divorce, I followed my Mom’s advice, “Make sure you get the dog.”

It was the best advice I had during that tumultuous time.  You were my safety net and my comfort zone.  You made me smile when the rest of my world made me sad.  Coming home to your wagging tail and dog smile saved my life.

Over the years, you have had a few “Dog Dads,” but you have never loved any of them the way you love Jared.  And he loves you so much, too.  Thank you for not being a total doggie dick when it came to meeting new people in my life.  You were always open to meeting and greeting new people (and loved to lick them, you little weirdo).

I love both of you so darn much.

Do you remember the time we both wore Snuggies and you composed a Facebook Photo Album of your experience?  It was many years ago, but you can check it out here

Snuggies and Snuggles.

And you were always up for shenanigans and allowed me to put you in ridiculous outfits.  Secretly I think you might be a doggie fashion blogger.  Is your blog named “My Fashion Game is the Shih Tzu”?

You loved Doggie Daycare but were always so happy to come home.  The Daycare place once put a sign on the door that you weren’t there but thankfully were just kidding.  Everyone that has crossed your path adores you.

Doggie Day Care.PNG
You could always rock a bandanna.

I never imagined that a heart that is broken could be so full of love.  Jolie, you are and always will be a love of my life.  I am so thankful for that day I spotted you in that crib with the bulldog and those two a$$hole poodles.  Even though you are here with me at this very moment, I am getting prepared for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  I hope your next home has Greenies, Chewy Vuitton toys, ice cream and comfy blankets.  And I hope that I get to come back to you someday, Jo-Lo.  I love you.

Laurie – Your Human Mom

I love you, Sweet Girl.  Always and Forever.  Thank you.


    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Adam. I am just absolutely heartbroken. She’s been a wonderful dog. I love her so much.

  • Kathy

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. My heart goes out for you. I understand what it is to have your heartbroken over the loss of a pet. I lost my first fur baby when she was only 5 yrs old and that was 6 years ago this week. My heart still hurts when I think of her and I can’t go without tearing up. The best thing to do is focus on the happiness you brought into each other’s lives and the wonderful life you were able to give her these 14 yrs. This post is doing just that. Lots of hugs.

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much, Kathy. And I am so sorry for the loss of your furbaby. Especially at such a young age!

      All I want to do is lavish her with love and treats until it is time for her to move on.

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Jessy. It’s heartbreaking to let my puppy child go. I am not sure when it will happen, but it will be very soon. She deserves the best.

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Jessi. They really are special. I am so grateful to call her my “puppy child:”. She is such a blessing.

  • Sarah Gray

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. I feel the same way about my wheaten scottie, addison, who I had to say goodbye to recently. You’re in my thoughts. Hugs

  • Janay

    This was such a sweet letter to your adorable pup. It made me cry as I can relate, but it also made me smile as you shared such sweet memories. I’m so sorry!! Love and hugs to you, and Jared ❤

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much, Janay. This is just an awful hurt. Love and hugs right back to you and your adorable family. ❤️

  • Saurav Purkayastha

    I know how sad you feel, cause I had a dog that I lost earlier this year. Dogs are a part of our family, I hope God provides you strength so that you overcome this difficult times.

  • livelovetru

    I am sorry that you are going through that. I know the feeling of losing a dog and it hurts badly, they truly are part of the family. 14 years of happy memories will be cherished by your forever.

  • Jessica Martin

    I am so sorry you facing this time with your dog. I was crying while reading your post because even though I’ve never met Jolie I can say adore her from her pictures. Losing a family pet is so tragic. Pets really do become apart of the family and dogs especially sense what we feel and do make great companions. Again, so sorry you are facing this.

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much, Jessica. Jolie is a one-of-a-kind puppy. It is tough to face but I am so grateful that she cane into my life.

  • Holly Hood

    OMG my heart goes out to you right now and I can feel your pain. I know what it’s like to lose a love one and I know that your heart is heavy. They may be our pets but the pain is the same. Take care of yourself.

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Holly. She has been such a light in my life. She will forever be missed when she passes. Thank you for the kind words.

  • lavandamichelle

    What a touching post! I loved the part about, “love at first sigh.” Loosing a pet is just like loosing a baby, one of the most horrible feelings out there. I hope you can get past this, sending hugs from North Carolina! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Lavanda Michelle. Hugs right back at you from Orlando. I am so blessed that we found each other and will miss her always when she is gone. Thank you for the kind words.

  • Kaella

    This is a beautiful way to honor Jolie’s life with you. My parents just put their 7 year old beagle down because cancer spread though his body.My daughter has been devastated. I’m so sorry for your loss

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so sorry that your family is going through a pet loss, as well. I am sending warm thoughts and hugs to all of you!

  • runawaywidow

    Such a sweet post. I couldn’t see the photos so I waited for them to download. Such a sweet baby. I’m in love with my 3 year old Yorkie. Small dogs are the best!

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much! Jolie is a fighter and has been responding well to medication. I am grateful for whatever time we do have left. Small dogs are the best!

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