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I (Choco)Love My Lady Parlor

This post is in partnership with Chocolove.  I received product and compensation from Chocolove.  All thoughts and opinions (and chocolate eating) in this post are my own.

Have you ever loved a room in your home so much that your heart nearly bursts with “four wall love” every time you cross the threshold?  That’s the feeling I get whenever I walk through the glass door of my Lady Parlor. It’s everything I never knew I wanted when I bought my house a little over a year ago.

You may recall that one of my very first posts was dedicated to my beloved space.  If you are new to the blog, you can catch up on that post here.

The room had been the perfect escape to read with a mug of coffee or to sit with friends and family to have a glass of wine (or two).  However, once I started this blog about two months ago, I realized that I was in desperate need of a dedicated workspace.  So I created one.  And I’m going to share it with you…like…right now!

The original Lady Parlor was built around a wine cart.  True story.

Somehow moving the wine cart out and replacing it with a desk (and a couple other items) completely changed the room. The Lady Parlor has evolved into the ultimate “Work, Play, and Chardonnay” room – some of it planned, some of it by happenstance.  Here’s the reveal (sorry…I don’t have a large photo to pull apart à la Chip and Joanna)

Lady Parlor Entrance
Ta-da!  You have entered the new Lady Parlor!  Welcome!

The “Work” Space

A few weeks into blogging, it became abundantly clear that working from my bed and couch (although both are comfortable) just wasn’t going to cut it.  I needed a desk and the only place that made sense to put said desk…was in the Lady Parlor.  So I quickly found a one that looked pretty, functional and had just the right Lady Parlor flair.

Desk 2
I find that sitting on a desk chair with a cow print gets my creative juices “moo-ving”

The “Play” Space

The room has no shortage of play functionality.  The “WPC” light-up letters represent my burgeoning brand with fun and whimsy.  The couch and pillows invite me to just chill out with my feet up or to hang out with a friend for some “girl talk.”

WPC Wall Number Three V3
A comfy couch for a snooze or sipping wine or coffee with friends. I’ve wanted light up letters for a really long time.  The wait is now over. 🙂
But what takes the “play” to a whole other level is…


It’s such a delicious part of the room.  It deserves to be written in all caps.  I am shouting my happiness at you because I am a “Chocolover.” (This is a term I gave myself because I love making up my own words).

Close-up of Chocolate Bar
The bar just got raised in the Lady Parlor…to my mouth.

The very kind folks at Chocolove provided me with a variety of chocolate bars to keep the room well-stocked with mouthwatering, melty deliciousness.  Their milk, dark and super dark chocolates are paired with a plethora of flavors. Because love is best in pairs, right?  Just imagine chocolate paired with hazelnuts or strawberries or spicy chilis.  Well, you don’t have to because they have 30 different kinds of chocolate bars!  They are oh so “Choco-smart.”

Chocolove Bar
Whenever sea salt is added to chocolate, it is like a siren is calling my name, “Laurie…don’t go to the bar…eat the bar…”

Each Chocolove bar is wrapped to look like a love letter.  Last year’s “Treat Yo Self” is about to become “Chocolove Yo Self,” Y’all.  And to up the cocoa ante…when you open the wrapper a romantic poem awaits.  It’s up to you to sing Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe” to yourself as you open the bar.  <—I highly recommend doing so.

The “Chardonnay” Space

It wouldn’t be a Work, Play, and Chardonnay office without wine being involved in some, way, shape or form, right?  I searched high and low for a wine fridge. Well…that’s not entirely true…I found one on my phone after searching for about twenty minutes.

Wine Fridge 2.jpg
My little fridge sounds like a babbling brook that just happens to hold wine, beer, and seltzer.

And I have dedicated wine glasses in the Lady Parlor.  Just. Because.

Wine Tray 2.jpg
Just ring the bell for champagne…or…chocolate.

The Lady Parlor is now referred to as the “LPO” or “Lady Parlor Office.”  I was in love with the room before, but now I am borderline obsessed.  It’s pure joy to Work, Play, and Chardonnay up in here and to be able to share it with all of you.

Do you have a room or space in your house that you have made your own?  Have you given it a name?  Do you have a chocolate stash?  Or do you brazenly keep that chocolate goodness out in the open for all to see?  Let me know…I’d love to hear from you!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S. No chocolate was harmed during the creation of this post.  It was “lovingly” eaten with zero guilt.

P.P.S. In addition to the Lady Parlor, Chocolove can be found in stores such as Whole Foods and World Market or on their website.


  • Pathfinder Mom

    Is Chocolate before coffee acceptable? I love their Cherry/Almond/Dark Chocolate bars. Your Lady Parlour seems to have good work/life balance now. Bravo!

    • lauriegannon1

      Chocolate before/in/after your coffee is always acceptable! I am so excited to have a space that feels balanced (even if I am a clod.) 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Alexandria! Their chocolate is delicious! I didn’t look very “ladylike” as I devoured a dark chocolate caramel cup yesterday evening. Maybe I should go to charm school? 🙂

  • Laura Beth

    Oh, my goodness. This is awesome! I love everything about your Lady Parlor Office. So much. Is it bad that I want to road trip down to your house to experience it? I wanna work, play, chardonnay, and eat chocolate with you!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hahaha, Laura Beth! I am so glad you like it! It is not bad that you want to road trip to experience it. It’s a fun space to work, play, chardonnay and eat chocolate! One of these days we will need to meet! 🙂

  • liveloveandadventure

    OMG, your Lady Parlor looks amazing. I have two rooms in my home not being used right now and may just turn one of them into a space just for me. Thank you so much for the idea and inspiration!

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much! I really love it! If you turn your space into your own Lady Parlor, please let me know. I would love to see it! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Joi! I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the room now. I barely have to leave with drinks and scrumptious smacks readily available. 🙂

  • Cait

    oh my gosh I love this so much- i df could work and hang out there all day- when chocolate is involved anything is possible ha!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Cait!!! The “chocolate bar” has been a really fun addition to the room. Thank you for the kind words!

  • Amber

    This is such a gorgeous parlor. I would love to read a book in there. Plus I’d so pig out on chocolate. I love it!

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Amber! It’s definitely my favorite room that I have ever put together. The chocolate is so darn good!! Between the wine and chocolate, I am going to need to get more steps into my day. I will move more for those two yummy items. 🙂

  • Debby

    I love everything about this post. I have pinned and will use it for my inspiration. My kids are grown so I have inherited the old playroom. Although I love your new blogging space, I am also in love with the lady parlor. I have some decorating to do!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Debby! Thank you so much for the kind words and the pin!

      What would you like to go into the old playroom? It’s so nice to have a space to decorate in the way that makes you happy, comfy and content. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Besties! I would share my chocolate with you! It’s delicious! Thank you for the kind words. 😍

  • Sheila

    Love all the windows in the room! I also have a chocolate stash but it’s just a dark corner of the tall shelf that everyone knows belongs to ME! No fancy lady parlor here.

      • behindeveryday

        Most definitely. haha! I was at Whole Foods today and Chocolove was on sale so I bought a couple bars. That’s how I make my chocolate budget stretch – only buy it on sale. 🙂

      • lauriegannon1

        Okay! Now you need to hide it! How are you going to keep it to yourself? (Your secret is safe with me) 😍

  • James Thomas

    Chocolate makes everything better! Fantastic article, I love the way this looks, the pictures are fantastic!

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so very much, James! The chocolate has definitely helped make the space even better! I love having a “chocolate bar”. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you so much for the kind words!!! Chocolove is sooo good! I hope you (Choco)love it. 🙂

  • jmusselman8

    This space is seriously goals!! Who doesn’t want a room with chocolate! I have my own office and I really need to up my game and make it a fun space!

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you!!! I say “fun it up!” Let me know if you do. I’d love to see what you do. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Lauren!! A chocolate sea salt space is a sacred one (even in the tiniest of nooks)

  • Andrea

    this is so awesome, love the space you created. so awesome. and btw chocolove is AMAZING. love all of their chocolates. their almonds and toffee is insane.

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Andrea!! Thank you! I love their almond toffee bar, too!!! Have you tried the dark chocolate caramel cup they make? I called my Mom after trying one (True story).

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you! I thought it was a fun idea and the folks at Chocolove helped me fulfill. It’s a delicious part of the room. 🙂

  • milestonemonger

    I would like to taste that dark chocolate! I have been dreaming similar chocolate table, but my girlfriend and my kids are eating everything that they find, so I have to hide my chocolates from them. :/

    • lauriegannon1

      Maybe that means you are meant to create a secret hideaway. What if you called it the “Broccoli Bar”? 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi!! The Lady Parlor thanks you for the compliment! 🙂

      Their chocolate is so crazy good! What’s your favorite flavor?

  • Wanda Lopez

    What a beautiful space. I am in the process converting a playroom into a girls room. I love your Lady Parlor name. And who doesn’t love chocolate. It can help bringing inspiration from blog post to blog post.

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi and thank you, Wanda! The Lady Parlor name stems from the “Lady” title I purchased on the internet. 🙂

      What are you putting in your girls room? I would love to know and love to see it! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      It’s the office I never knew I wanted/needed. It’s such a fun space. It really does help keep the creativity (and wine and chocolate) flowing. 🙂

      Thanks for checking out the blog!! I appreciate it! 😉

  • stacey

    I love the name of your blog– well I love wine too. We are similar in that I believe a place for everything and everything in its place.

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Stacey!!! Thank you!! Wine is quite lovely, isn’t it? I am still working on “a place for everything and everything in its place”. I just need a few more items from the Container Store to get organized!!

    • lauriegannon1

      I spent maybe an hour or two a week in the room “before”. Once I added the desk, fridge and chocolate? I am in there about two to four hours a day. It’s so much fun to blog/read/relax in there. Thank you, Leah!!

  • Carrie Liu

    How can you get anything done surrounded by chocolate and chardonnay??! I would finish your Chocolove bar in a day haha. Can’t stand having chocolate staring at me!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Bianca! Thank you for stopping by and giving the blog some love! I can confirm that both the couch and the chair are comfy. I will also admit that I pet the chair every now and again. It’s super soft! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Dana! The light-up letters are super fun! My fiance didn’t love the idea for the “common” areas in the home. Our walls are pretty bare in the house because our styles are quite different. How do you and your husband determine your collective style?

  • anamericanintrovertinlondon

    I can attest to the comfortable transition. I LOVED the original incarnation of the Lady Parlour (British spelling for the win). However, sitting with you and engaging in “girl talk” (which is mostly about work because we’re grown up women) was incredibly comfortable, relaxing. The wine always helps. But the chocolove? Wine and chocolate offer, I accept!

    By the way, what’s next for the lady parlour? Window dressings?

    • lauriegannon1

      Is it weird that I don’t love curtains?

      What I’d like to do next is find a chalkboard with a frame that is similar to the mirror in the room. I might have to “make” one. I also need to get some baskets to hang on the wall for office organization.

      Where is Joanna Gaines? I need her!

      P.S. You are LOVELY. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Marie! I…and the Lady Parlor…thank you for the kind words! The Lady Parlor thinks she’s quite inviting and warm. 🙂

      I hope you find your space to make your retreat! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you to the Lady Parlor love!!! The chocolate bar has been such a fun addition to the room. I absolutely recommend the brand! The bars are adorable AND delicious! They are almost too pretty to eat. Almost… 😃

    • lauriegannon1

      I would happily give you a taste test through the screen if I could! Darn you, Technology! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Lavanda Michelle! I am so happy with the evolution of the Lady Parlor. It’s comfortable and a great place to be creative (and have a glass of wine and/or nibble of delicious chocolate). 🙂

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