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Saving (My) Face

This is not a paid post.  This is me expressing my love for Dominick of ISkincare

Then.  As a child, I had a few rather exciting quirks.  Around the age of 7, I wanted wrinkles, and I wanted them NOW.  I thought Crow’s Feet were soooo cool. I would stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom and contort and squish my face until I resembled an elementary school-aged Shar-Pei.  I’m not sure how long this behavior lasted but needless to say, I grew out of that phase.

Baby Laurie didn’t know anything about pores, wrinkles or self-care.  She also didn’t realize she had male patterned baldness.

Now.  I am not in my early 40’s and find myself doing something completely different in front of the mirror.  I don’t think Jared (my fiancè) has caught me doing this…yet…but I now pull my face back in a faux “facelift” to get a glimpse of my former unlined self.  Ohh…how the times have changed…

Enter Dominick.

Dominick of ISkincare has been a part of my life for 12+ years.  As he recalls it, during our first appointment, my hair and the jacket I wore were brown, and my brows needed his professional expertise.  As I recall it, my eyebrows became lovely, and my time with him was a hoot and total pleasure.  After our first appointment, I never wanted anyone to touch my brows again.

Side note—Dominick saying that my hair was brown was probably a polite way of saying “your roots were worse than your brows.”

Dominick has seen me through my 30’s and early 40’s through brow appointments and facials.  He’s has seen and heard it all – horrible relationship stories, salacious dating escapades, happy Laurie, sad Laurie.  The ISkincare spa is a safe and fun environment – so many stories, so many laughs have been shared between us for over a decade.

During a recent brow appointment, I started to whine a little more strongly than usual about the state of my aging skin.  I was seriously beginning to consider Botox.  Dominick carefully put his hand on the spa table, looked me in the eyes and softly said, “You should try LED light therapy to help stimulate collagen.  Why don’t we try that first?”  I quickly agreed and made an appointment to get my face, “lit.”

Last week I went in for what I now refer to as the “Forty and Fabulous Facial.”  There were several steps to get my skin to not act its age.

  • Microdermabrasion – A magical little vacuum with a diamond inside to remove dead skin that was hanging on for dear life.
  • “Wanda” – The name I gave the LED Light Therapy wand that emitted red and green light (my eyes were closed the whole time!) to minimize my pores and stimulate collagen.
  • “Goldie” – A “gold” mask was placed over my face to draw out toxins.  Once removed, we could see traces of McDonald’s French fries and Chardonnay.
Sing it with me – “I feel pretty.  Oh so pretty…”

The facial breathed new life into my visage, bringing back a glow that I missed.  We celebrated his beautiful work with a little Prosecco and a few pictures.  I might not wear my sunglasses at night, but I do wear them in a spa.

Clean and bright skin with a side of champagne.  Yes, please.

If you are in the Orlando area or are traveling to Orlando, I highly recommend seeing Dominick at ISkincare.  He provides brow waxing/shaping/tinting, facials, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, and more.  He’s attentive, kind, super funny, and the BEST aesthetician.  You can learn more about ISkincare here

Self-care is all the rage.  What do you do to take care of yourself?  What do you wish you could do?  What do you want to try? Are there products or services you use to make you feel your best?

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.

As always,


P.S. This is not a paid post.  All opinions and thoughts are my own expressed with facts, humor, and the occasional TMI.


  • Jaye Shields

    “Once removed we could see traces of McDonald’s French fries and Chardonnay.” 😂 Priceless. You’re such a witty writer, I really enjoyed this post.

    • lauriegannon1

      It was sooo interesting! I had subtle gold flecks on my face after we were finished. I should “gold mask” in the morning before going to work. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      I also wanted name twin boys “Bert and Ernie” at that age. What was I THINKING??! 😊

  • Dominick

    I’m so touched to be apart of your blog. You have made my years of Skin Care a joy and I will always look forward to your next adventure. I’m here to brighten your skin and leave it healthy but, you brighten my heart. Thank you Lady Laurie

    • lauriegannon1

      It was a pleasure and honor to write about you and what you do! I’m so happy we found each other! 🙂

  • Amber

    I would love to try this! My skin could use the help, that’s for sure. I generally read a book for self-care.

  • Karie

    Haha I too sit and lift my skin to remebervwhat I looked like without it sagging. I am so looking into this. I hope they have something similar in Arizona.

    • lauriegannon1

      I would put my hair up in a super tight ponytail, but quite frankly…that hurts. I prefer “Wanda” and “Goldie”. 🙂

  • Laura Beth

    I love this post! I currently use a mix of Lush products, and Young Living Essential Oils. However, a good friend recently became a consultant for Rodan + Fields. I’ve been using their Lash Boost since the end of March, and I’ve stopped wearing mascara now! I also just ordered one of their custom lines, with some self-tanner and microdermabrasion. I don’t play with sun exposure any more – I have the fair skin curse, and I’ve had several pre-cancerous moles removed from my back. Better safe than sorry!

    • lauriegannon1

      It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry!

      Do you glow like the vampires in Twilight when you go out in the sun? I do!

      Ohh…I think I need to get my hands on some Lash Boost!

      • Laura Beth

        I do glow, and then I turn tomato-red, LOL!

        Yes, Lash Boost is amazing. It’s super easy to use. I was skeptical at first, but I’ve ditched my mascara now, hopefully for good! I’m going to make another Skin & Makeup Routine post for my blog in June, and I’ll definitely include that there. Thanks!

  • Kelly Berryman

    Trust me, life can be awesome, even with a few lines. 🙂 I’m sad that I didn’t get to have Dominick work his magic on me last time I was in Orlando. Need to plan another trip!

    • lauriegannon1

      I’ll take a few lines. I just want to keep them from becoming crevices that can devour small children and animals. 🙂

      Next time you are in Orlando, we should schedule some Dominick time!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Mrs Tee! The gold mask was pretty darn fun. And I was very happy with the results.

      What type of products have you been using? I’m so happy you are seeing a huge difference!!! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you! I was so happy with the results!

      The mask was definitely trippy. It felt very, very cool. And I had a hard time talking (and laughing) with it on. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you, Ally! I love making people laugh, so I am happy that you LOL’d. 😄

      What’s your favorite Chard? I love Mer Soleil and La Crema.

      The gold face mask was quite awesome. I felt quite fashionable wearing it. 🤥

  • Andrea

    Hahaha, you totally made me laugh and brought me back to my childhood and i would do the same. i would squish my face and my mom would get so mad and tell me to stop. lol i grew out of that just dont known when lol.

    • lauriegannon1

      It’s definitely enjoyable! Throw in a cushy robe and slippers and I am one happy Lady!

    • lauriegannon1

      Thank you for the kind words, CheerfulTrails! I definitely recommend that mask. It provides a comical photo op AND works! 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Your comment made me laugh out loud! I think I am going to think of the mask as the “undo” button for a blog post. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Will you take a picture while wearing one? They are a hoot! 🙂

      I really liked the mask. It was a little strange seeing all the toxins left behind but I shouldn’t have been THAT surprised. 🙂

  • Hannah Marie

    Skin care is important we all deserve something like this. The ask looks luxurious and awesome!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hello, fellow Orlando-an! Dominick is a treasure! And a Chardonnay (or two) is a gift. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Kim! It’s kind of fun to work on a skincare regimen. I love trying new products (and spending time with Dominick!)

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi!!!! Thank you so much for the very kind words!! If you are in Chicago, I am quite sure you do! Thank you for stopping by Work, Play and Chardonnay!!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Daisy! It was lovely and relaxing! I was so happy with the results. I need to see “Wanda” and “Goldie” again soon. 🙂

  • mickeynohome

    Love that you wanted wrinkles as a kid. So sad that as we grow up we are taught to hate them.

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Mickey!!! It was interesting to write about the juxtaposition of me as a child versus me as an adult. I do want to “fight” wrinkles for a little bit and ease myself into being a little, old lady. 🙂

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Indrani! Thank you for the “glowing” compliment! May a gold mask or anything you want find you wherever you are. 🙂

  • connectedcolleague

    I totally feel where you are coming from. I just turned 34 and with baby #2 on the way, I feel like my skin and face have aged 15 years in the past year… It’s soo nice to know about alternative treatments and it looks like such a pleasure to wear that gold mask! I long for the days where my skin felt youthful so I am absolutely going to keep Dominik in mind!! thanks!

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi!!! It does feel like the change to a face can happen in an instant (although I know that is not the case).

      Congratulations on baby #2 (and #1)!

      Do you live in Orlando, too?

    • lauriegannon1

      Hi, Anosa! It was definitely a delightful afternoon. My skin and soul felt lovely when we were done. 🙂

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