A Round of Work, Play & Chardonnay

In this post, let’s pretend we are at a happy hour, and we are just catching up on all of the little and not so little things going on in our lives.  We are sitting across a Joanna Gaines-approved table (white oak!) that is topped with a low vase filled with white peonies.  I’m sipping a crisp, refreshing Italian Gavi.  You’re sipping whatever strikes your fancy.  
Let me fill you in on some of the stuff that’s been going on lately…


I’ve been working a LOT on the blog lately.  Organizing my ideas, schedules, and to-dos in Basecamp -a cloud-based project management platform.  It’s a service I’ve used for my day job AND my 20th high school reunion.  Basecamp keeps my life in order.  I just wish it could make me do a bicep curl or two.  And, perhaps, a squat.

From a home standpoint, we’ve nested quite nicely into our townhome.  But the walls in our house belong in a nudist resort.  They’re naked.  No paint.  No artwork.  Naked.  The boring kind of naked.  The first paint job to tackle is the master bedroom – choose paint colors, test them, agonize over options but choose one, cover all the things with tarps and then just paint, paint, paint.

Paint Paint Paint.jpg

“Greige” is a thing.  My rug is also “greige” due to the need for a deep cleaning.


I’ve always loved getting flowers.  I have the sweetest, kindest fiancé but he’s not really a guy that sends flowers.  He’s more of an “acts of service” guy.  Anyway, I decided to get a Bouqs subscription – flowers delivered on a schedule that works for me.  The only thing missing with my first delivery was a sweet card, so I wrote my own.
Flower Card
Momica LOVES my puns.  Loves them.
The Farmer’s Market selection.

My parents have been snowbirding in Florida to get away from the harsh Maine winters.  I haven’t lived within driving distance of my parents in over 20 years.  Since January, we have been able to spend several weekends together, including their 50th Anniversary.  It’s been the BEST time. I am so sad to see them go, but can’t wait for them to snowbird in the Sunshine State later this year.

50th anniversary
The day of the 50th anniversary.  A nice walk followed by nachos.  We celebrate right in this family


I had a Lady Parlor Happy Hour on Monday featuring Cline Chardonnay.  I started buying their wine many moons ago and haven’t stopped.  I tend to prefer no-to-mid oak flavors in my Chard, so Cline fits my wine-teria.  <—I know…not a word. Grammarly…just work with me here.

Cline Time.jpg
A glass of Cline in the Lady Parlor while talking to my sister on the phone = AWESOME

I always envisioned Work, Play, and Chardonnay as a place where I explore the never-ending quest for work/play balance.  I think I #nailedit with balance this week.

By the way…our happy hour has come to an end.  We just settled the check, gave each other hugs, and promised to talk soon.  

How did you Work, Play and Chardonnay this week?  What do you do to keep your work and play on an even keel?

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.


P.S.  I’m going to make “wine-teria” happen.  Kind of like “fetch.”


  • Pathfinder Mom

    I am happy to report that play won out this week. A mini adults-only vacation with good friends and Cabernet. A quick spa visit, and now my toes are ready for Spring. Life is good.

  • Monica

    Momica here to add my standard response to each and every Laurie pun. GROAN. There, I am now firmly on record as to my “love” of all things even remotely in the pun humor outlier group.

  • Dr Nic

    Greige? Please, no.
    I love that you sent yourself flowers and wrote yourself a card. And of course I love a good pun. Maybe next time you could include a couple…Bwahahaha. Just kidding!
    So my way of balancing work and play is to sit on my couch with my laptop on my lap (go figure) and answer student emails. Often I fall asleep. Sometimes there is a glass of wine. Always there is my deepest love, the couch.
    No judging. We are quite happy.

    • lauriegannon1

      Greige is really a thing, but there is a silver gray that has caught my eye. We’ll see! You legit balance your work on your lap! And you know how I feel about wine, work, and play intermingling. I’m a supporter!

    • lauriegannon1

      I really need to get some sample colors up on the wall. Please let me know if you find more time in a day. I’m looking for all kinds of life tips!

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