Lady Laurie and Her Lady Parlor

Lady Laurie and Her Lady Parlor

In order to talk about the Lady Parlor and what it means to me, I need to explain how I gained the title of Lady Laurie Lynne Gannon.  I didn't take etiquette classes.  I didn't marry a Lord.  I didn't need to wear crinolines.  And I didn't suffer a case of the vapors.

So how exactly did I get my title?

A credit card and a case of the “2am internet rabbit holes”.  I paid LordTitles, a UK-based website $35 to gain a piece of paper with the title – Lady Laurie Lynne Gannon.  Doesn't that sound super duper regal?  Well…I thought so when I made the purchase at 2 in the morning while a little wine-sauced.  I might not find it regal, but I still find amusement in telling strangers, co-workers and other dignitaries that I have a title.

I mean…how official does this look?



And guess where I keep that beautiful piece of paper?

In the trunk of my car.

I obviously take my Lady responsibilities very, very seriously.

So let's get to the Lady Parlor.  About a year ago I purchased my first home with my fiancé.  One of the requirements we had during our home search was the need for a Nerd Cave.  My fiancé's hobbies include gaming and miniature painting, so a Man Cave just wasn't going to cut it.  We found a space that fit both of our needs/wants and it just happened to have a bonus room that I ended up taking as my own.

It was originally meant to be an office, but the room was perfect for a wine cart I had bought just before our home search.  So I furnished the room with the wine cart in mind adding a couch, chairs, a coffee table and a bookshelf for all of my cookbooks.  Once the room was set-up, the only thing missing was a title for my domain.  And what do you know?  My genius sister, Kelly, said to me “You should call it The Lady Parlor”.

The Lady Parlor.  The name was and is perfect.  It didn't require a $35 fee.  It didn't require a piece of paperwork.  However, it did require numerous deliveries from Wayfair…

It's a space I absolutely love, my favorite place in my home.  It's a place to gather for glasses of wine or mugs of coffee.  It's a place that I read through cookbooks or thumb through HGTV magazines.  It's a place where I tell my dogs to “STOP BARKING!!” because they feel the need to act as neighborhood watch whenever anyone walks by.  And it's the perfect space for a Lady and her Lady (and Lord) friends.  Although no titles are required for entry.  Because I'm a cool Lady.


Lady Parlor Entrance
Upon Entry – Cookbooks, wine corks and Rewined candles



The wine cart that turned a would-be office into a Lady Parlor



Lady Parlor 5
I love the Barefoot Contessa, cookbooks and my Lady Parlor rug


What space in your home is your place?  What have you done to make it your own?  What do you do in your space?  Let me know in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you!

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.

Lady Laurie

This is a non-sponsored post.  All brands referenced have been purchased, used and loved by me.  All opinions and grammatical errors are my own.