RUT Roh…I Need a Little More Variety in My Life

I never saw my rut coming.  Over time, I’ve become a creature of habit – going to the same places to work (out), play, and Chardonnay.  The rut may have been due to moving into a new house and not wanting to venture too far out of my neighborhood.  Maybe it’s due to all of the travel I’ve done for work over the past year or so. Perhaps it was the basic comfort of the places I’ve established as my own where everybody knows my name (or at least my face) as a self-proclaimed “Norm.”

Puggy on his pouf.png
There’s no place like home, but I need to experience more of what the world has to offer. By the way…that’s Pugsley.  He’s my “soul dog.”

I remember a time when places/experiences that were a part of my every day were just as important as the ones that hadn’t been tried.  I LOVED trying something new…and loved sharing it with others willing to listen.  Whether it be daring (trapeze class! going on a cruise by myself!) or artistic (how to improv!) or tasty (how to frost a cake!).  I felt important when someone asked me about a new restaurant or tour or culinary class. And over time…those questions went away.  Because I didn’t have as much to share.  Because I am in one heck of a rut.

solo moon
I went on a cruise by myself and called it a “Solo Moon.”  On the ship, a bartender made me a napkin rose each day we were at sea.

Years (and years and years and years) ago, I created a list of things to do called “34 Things to Do in my 34th Year”.  And this very routine life I lead has made me think that I should incorporate the fundamentals of that list into my current one.  I want to give things a whirl that is fun, new to me and/or are beneficial to me as an overall human being and a homeowner.  So…here’s the start of a list to add a little more variety to my life.

The No Mo’ RUT Roh” List

Wine Not? Not having a wine-related item on the list just wouldn’t be right.  And I like being right! There’s a tasting room within the Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando, FL that is open most days of the week.  I need to grab a taste (or two) while enjoying some cheese and charcuterie.  And occasionally, there is a yoga class offered at the winery.  Namaste and Chardonnay.  Downward facing, YEAH!

Wine Wine Wine
Don’t let the glass fool you.  I care very much about wine.

Say OHM.  Meditation in Motion by the Lake at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes in Orlando, FL.  The Saturday sessions are available now through the end of April.  Revitalizing my body and mind through breathing and movement techniques sounds like a lovely way to kickstart my weekend (gently and with extra “zen”th, please).

Staged Not Confused.  The Dr. Phillips Center has been open for years, and I’ve never been!  Their calendar is filled with great musicals, plays, and special events.  I HAVE to experience the Arts Center before the end of this year.  I’ve been slowly leaking culture and need to fill ‘er up.  Soon.

Need a little bit more of the arts in my life.

Throwing Bowls Safely.  I want to “art” some more with my own two hands.  I’ve painted my own pottery, but I have never “thrown” it.  Super Cool Awesome Pottery has so many classes to choose from including how to use a pottery wheel to “throw” your own bowl.  That sounds wheel-y, wheel-y cool and super awesome.  <insert winky face>

Hands On.  Hands Off.  Home Depot offers free DIY classes on numerous topics from how to install flooring to how to make a wall planter.  I’m a relatively new homeowner with limited knowledge of how to use ALL the tools.  I’m more “handsy” (in my talking style!), less “handy.”  So why not take a Home Depot class to become more self-sufficient and capable around the house?  All I need is a toolbelt.  And some tools.  And a first-aid kit.

This list has a little bit of work, a little bit of play and a little bit of Chardonnay in it.  I’m ready to incorporate new experiences into my life!

Are you in a rut? If so, what do you want to do to get out of it?  What makes you happy?

Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Drink Chard.

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All grammatical errors are my own.  Grammarly is helpful but doesn’t always get my writing style.


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